Back To Bass Summer 2013 Tour – Dates In Italy Announced...

February 18, 2013

Three concerts in Italy are now confirmed for the Back To Bass tour this summer – July 8 at the Verona Arena in Verona, July 9 at the Foro Italico in Rome, and July 29 at the Cattolica Arena in Cattolica.

Fan Club presales for these performances will begin tomorrow, February 19 at 10AM (local time). Tickets will be available to the general public beginning Thursday, February 21 at 10AM (local time).

posted by bestjamaica
can't wait!!
I really can't wait to see you in Cattolica!!! woooooow I still can't believe you're coming so closed to my town!!!!
posted by ZezePina
The Back To Bass tour comes to South America, specifically in Brazil?
posted by Natalia131082
Kids on the concert
Thank you for information, I wrote a request on TicketOne site, but still haven't received any reply. They don't have any call center for Outside of Italy, so I can't even call them. Today is the last day for presale and i'm afraid that i will fail to buy tickets. Is there any other way to get such information? Thanks!
posted by gianlu
Acquisto Biglietti
sono un membro del fan club, come posso acquistare i biglietti? quando inserisco il codice mi dice che non è più valido. Grazie


Read the instructions on the tour page carefully. You should not enter the unique code but the password that is given on the page.
posted by Natalia131082
Kids on the concert
Hi! Could anyone tell me if kids of 5 and 6 years old can attend the concert in Arena of Verona? Any restrictions? I want to buy tickets on pre-sale, but i can't until I know that we will be able to enter the venue... Thanks, Natalia


You would need to check the TicketOne website to see if there any restrictions. They have contact details on their website.
posted by chrisrox71
biglietti concerto
vorrei acquistare 3 bgl. x il conc all'arena di verona ma come devo fare???


Only paid members of the fan club can buy tickets in our presale. The public sale starts on 21 February.
posted by angusdario
rome foro italico 09/07/2013
voglio sapere come avere il codice ppersonale x ordinare 2 biglietti di parterre o tribuna 1 anello centale x la da data di ROMA del 09/07/2013.grazie.aspetto 1 vostra risposta


Only paid members of the fan club can buy tickets in our presale. The public sale starts on 21 February.
posted by vanella
ticket's price
Hi! Could you please tell us the ticket's prices? We are going to buy some in 2 hours and we'd like to have this basic information. Thanks Valeria
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Feb 17, 2013

The Back To Bass tour will return to Belgium this summer, with a performance at the Suikerrock Festival in Tienen on July 27! Tickets for this concert are on sale NOW! Please visit for details.

Feb 15, 2013
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