Back To Bass Tour Free Download of 'The Hounds Of Winter' for members...

April 05, 2012

In commemoration of his enduring solo career, the celebrated Back to Bass tour recently concluded following dates in North America, Europe, the UK, and South Africa. The concerts garnered rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The Daily Telegraph (UK) commented "every musical move was clear and crisp, showcasing every twist of the often-complex arrangements" while The New Age in South Africa wrote that the show was "a musical feast for fans!"

Recorded live at The Sage Gateshead on opening night of the 2012 Back to Bass tour, we are pleased to offer an exclusive, free download of "The Hounds Of Winter." There are two ways to access the download.

1. Members - You can get the download from the User Profile page when logged-in to

2. If you've purchased 25 Years or The Best Of 25 Years, please click here to access the download.

Please note - this download will be available until Monday 9AM GMT... so don't wait!

If you are not currently a fan club member, click here to join and receive the many benefits of membership including: pre-sale ticket access, behind the scenes videos and interviews, an exclusive t-shirt, members-only event opportunities, and more!

posted by copperdesign
No Luck
No luck for me validating the iTunes Purchase of 25 Years from the US Store
posted by ashleyglover
No luck downloading! :(
Also no luck downloading from the user profile page - no download link there. Can't wait for the Back to Bass tour album - will pre-order it the day it's available - but it sure would be nice to have this to tide us over! Please help, fellas!
posted by Kendrum
Hounbds of Winter Download issues
If you had a problem validating the CD to download the bonus content. Email as referenced below: stingcom - 04.09.12 Got a problem? Anyone experiencing a problem with validating their CD should email Thanks Took a few days and they got back to me with a link and password to download. It seems they forgot to include the American CD release in the process.
posted by Me
Member, couldn't download-No reply from
I am a member and I tried for several days to download "The Hounds of Winter" as was advertised, but I never saw any link to download the song in my user profile page... I wrote to help in "", but nobody answered. Did you mean "paid membership" holders not just "members"? Then this should have been clarified before, expressed differently. I wish I could download it, it is a nice gesture towards (general) members. You know what happens when they make a mistake in a shop and they advertise something wrongly... they usually honour the mistake ;) - just saying. Thanks! x
posted by stung76
Will the deadline be extended due to pro
I am in the same situation as many of the fan club members and could not access this over the weekend or today.
posted by stingcom
Got a problem?
Anyone experiencing a problem with validating their CD should email Thanks
posted by 327mad
I have a User Profile page and I have also bought the Album, I can't get a place on the User Profile Page to click or the "load CD now" on the other page. I am using my new iMac, and I have Java loaded. I loved your concert in Vancouver, Canada in December 2011!!
posted by bewitched
The Hounds of Winter
It is so nice to get this song. Its one of my favorites! Thank you so much Dave and Wendy. The Sting fan club is very good to its members!
posted by satchz60
like others on this page , I cannot find download link
posted by Luizao
I love this beautiful song and the download went smoothly. It now remains the "Back To Bass Tour" come to Brazil. Thank you, Sting.
posted by soulcage62
Thanks d@w got it on my phone
posted by evan7
Won't Work For Me
Also got the mega box set of 25 YEARS, and the program won't validate.
posted by fletch622
UK disc will allow download
Apparently, the North American "Best Of 25 Years" disc does not work to validate. However, Disc 1 of the UK two-disc version of "Best Of 25 Years" was accepted. (on a Mac running OS X 10.6.8) I do not own the US box set as of yet, but judging from a few of the comments, the app does not accept those discs for validation either.
posted by dmh84
DL Won't Work For Me, Either
I appreciate the offer, but having bought the big box set, nothing works on my mac to allow me to access the song. I watched the whole of the video, but the program simply will not recognize my cd, no matter what I do. Any help?
posted by jonboy71
CD Won't validate!
I bought the box set too! Anyone help me out?
posted by hebah64
The Hounds Of Winter
One of my favorites. Thank you very much!!!!.
posted by dmh84
DL Won't Work For Me, Either
Got the mega box set of 25 YEARS, and the program won't validate--even after trying the troubleshooting measure suggested on the youtube vid. Any suggestions?
posted by bugeyes
Please come to Minneapolis/St.Paul!
posted by suepisces
Thank You!
Really beautiful. It takes me back to the NYC show I attended. I hope we get the rest of the concert as well! Thanks (always)to Dave & Wendy
posted by Kendrum
Download doesnt work
Wish the download would work. The software will not validate the CD I bought in the store.
posted by salama
Thank you so much! The Hounds of Winter sounds so wonderful!
posted by pmbijker
How does it sound?
I'm very curious to know how the free download sounds. I loved the performance of HoW in Amsterdam. Is the download for a payed membership only? There is no download link on my User Profile page. Any suggestions?
posted by giovannirussografico
The Hounds of Winter...
Love this amazing live version of one of my favorite Sting's songs, waiting for 10 July (Piazzola sul Brenta, Padua) to hear it and see it...but I can't wait for ALL THIS TIME!!!
posted by swgabriel
The Hounds of Winter
Lovely! This rendition is fabulous from the Back To Bass Tour. I loved this in Dallas! Jo Lawry rocks it!
posted by stingfan42
This is what I'm talkin' about!
This is precisely the kind of exclusive content that I think many of us will appreciate - Live recordings not available elsewhere. Fantastic idea! Thanks, D & W.
posted by rihum
The Hounds of Winter
posted by rihum
The Hounds of Winter
4 juli see him again
posted by pekos
The Hounds of Winter
My favorite one.
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Apr 4, 2012
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Apr 4, 2012
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