Fan Feedback to The Public Theater Benefit Concerts...

October 10, 2013

Thank you Sting, for your efforts to bring something so original & personal to the Broadway stage. The album tracks from 'The Last Ship' & the run of shows at the Public Theater make it clear that is shaping up to be something far more than the typical rock star jukebox musical or film adaptations that have cluttered the stage in recent years. The chance to hear the stories that inspired the songs & the rare glimpse into the creative process - seeing these songs performed while the show itself is still in development & while new material is still being created was all such a wonderfully unique opportunity, not only for your fanbase, but for anyone fortunate enough to score a ticket. I also greatly appreciated the visual elements of the concert, from the poles made to look like the masts of a ship & the images of ships being built & the impact of the industry on your hometown. I grew up in the shadows of monolithic grain elevators that to this day stand as reminders of the backbreaking work my ancestors, Irish immigrants on the Buffalo waterfront, did for many years, shortly after arriving in this country. I think that the story that you're hoping to tell with your characters & their desire to build this "last ship," not for investors but for themselves & their humanity, is one that will resonate with audiences well outside of Wallsend. Wishing all involved with the production fair winds & following seas! - Shawn Farrell

Raised in Michigan, where the car was king for so long, these songs struck deeper than I expected. Your artistry and craftsmanship shows through, and every song is filled with emotion. To me, though, the greatest part of the Public Theater shows I saw (October 1 and 2) was the joy and happiness on your face. Gone was the artist suffering writer's block, and vanished was the man wondering what was next. Thank you, Sting, for letting Gordon out to play. - Chris Cole


I overcame my fear of flying to come to the Public Theatre, I overcame my fear of travelling alone, and my fear (totally reasonable) of downtown hotels... and it was one of the most memorable nights of my life. The music, the energy, the lyrics, the band, the other fans I met, your lovely voice and personality shining in the spotlight... sigh... my cup runneth over. This experience, your generosity of spirit, the power of your words, the beauty of your voice... it fills me with new life and energy. It inspires me to live my life to the fullest - experiment - to be creative and not be afraid of the process. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your soul - and "be yourself - no matter what they say". - Sabine



I have been on such a high from the performance that it has been very difficult for me to sort out all my impressions and feelings about the event! To be totally honest, while I was thoroughly thrilled to be lucky enough to attend the show, I was actually very skeptical about this project and what the music would be like. I only gave The Last Ship one brief listen before heading to New York and my initial impression was that it was not what I wanted it to be. The "musical" side of things did not much interest me, and although The Last Ship is all original material, in my mind this project was more along the lines of the lute and winter album projects that were ultimately not really my thing. Wow, was I ever wrong!!! Sting's obvious enthusiasm for the music and the project as a whole was immediately evident from the moment he took to the stage, and the energy that emanated from Sting and the rest of the band was utterly contagious! Sting's little narratives between the songs brilliantly explained the storyline of The Last Ship, who the various characters are, and where the songs came from. Having this context did wonders for my understanding of the music. I absolutely fell in love with the songs. The music is beautiful, dramatic, funny, energizing and thoroughly engaging. The world has known of Sting's exceptional talent for years now, but I feel that this album and the shows at the Public Theatre have truly taken this to a whole new level, showcasing Sting's creativity and proving yet again that he is able to create something completely different from anything he has done in the past in wonderfully magnificent fashion. The evening of Wednesday October 2nd 2013 is one I will NEVER forget! Thank you, Sting, for this beautiful evening. - Bruce Greenwood



The Last Ship songs are brilliantly written to tell the story. In listening to the songs, I have a sense of what the storyline of the play is, who the characters are and the overwhelming sense of pride the shipbuilders had for their work and for their community. Songs like "August Winds" and "Peggy's Song" give an insight into how the characters feel in a way that dialogue alone wouldn't. "What Have We Got" and "Shipyard" are the foot stomping, instantly memorable, theatrical numbers that audiences will be singing long after they've left the theater while "Jock The Singing Welder" and Sky Hooks" are hilarious. I laughed and cried my way through each show at the Public Theater. Laughing at the on-stage antics, the fun I was having, the camaraderie between Sting and Jimmy and the fun they seemed to be having. Crying when Fr O'Brien was dying and with pride for the shipbuilders during "The Last Ship" reprise at the end of the show, imagining Europe's nobility going to Newcastle for the launching of the ship. Having seen and heard the snippets of the storyline, I hope that, despite the evening they share during "It's Not The Same Moon", Meg keeps grounded and doesn't allow Gideon to sweep her off her feet again. I hope she and new Arthur have a lovely future in that house on the hill. I don't know if Gideon knows he has a son when he returns, but I hope he learns to be a father (did we see him give his son some Gideon-style fatherly advice in The Night The Pugulist Learned How To Dance?) and bonds with his son. I really liked Jackie and Peggy as a couple and I hope they live happily ever after on their ship of dreams. Finally, there are some songs on the album that would stand alone as classic Sting songs: "Dead Man's Boots" and "And Yet" to name two, and on a completely selfish note, I almost hope that "Language of Birds" isn't in the play so that Sting can keep it as his own song and we can hear it again during his concerts. It is absolutely outstanding! - Sue Bett



In the 30+ years that I have followed Sting, I found the emotional impact of the performance to be mind blowing - unlike anything I've ever heard, and yet it was all, 100 % Sting. I shouted, laughed and cried, quite a bit, throughout. The music even now runs through my mind. This is my favorite artist's work of a lifetime. I will never forget this performance. - Eric Lubin



Sting, I was swept away from the moment the show began. Not allowing myself to listen to the cd previous to the shows I attended (Oct. 1 and 2), the performance was reminiscent of early Christmas mornings as a child, anticipation, surprise and exhilleration. The pace of the show was amazing and spot on; each tune followed the one before with equal, if not more, excitement as the story melodiously unfolded. There did not seem to be even one "b" side piece, all delivered a powerful punch that seemed to move me forward into the world of Gideon and Meg under the grey, bleak, workingman skies of northern England. I was spellbound throughout and only after after 'All This Time' had concluded and the show complete, did I come up for air. - Cristine1



There is a new light that shines through Sting when he sings the songs he wrote for “The Last Ship”. It’s as if he’s stood up and unzipped his armor down to his waist. I felt that very much as I watched and listened as he performed with his incredible band at his birthday show on October 2. These songs are truly powerful and Sting is so proud to stand before us and celebrate where he comes from in this magnificent way. At the same time he was standing there stomping out this masterpiece and beaming from ear to ear, I could see a part of him on his knees with his hand on his heart - which for the first time truly showed me a glimpse of Sting. It meant everything to me to be there at the Public Theater on October 2. Thank you. With all my heart. - Arpeggio



The band, Sting, Jimmy Nail and Jo Lawry nailed it. I was so close to the band, and seeing it this close. I can say Sting, Jimmy Nail and Jo Lawry have such incredible vocal range and control, without the assist of computers, etc, it's stunning. These stories about life, from work to father/son relationships, to religion and mortality are just so powerful. The songs on the album are vastly improved already and that's after I thought the album versions were awesome. The extra lyrics added to some songs were really nice, different and improved arrangements on some, especially, Language of Birds had such a beautiful intro. The added singing of Jimmy Nail and Jo Lawry and their interaction with Sting was brilliant. There are also some beautiful songs that didn't make the album. I would have loved to get that hymn sang after one of my favorites, So To Speak and also a few others, I believe one was Coming Home? Sting, thank you for a most memorable evening. Howard Page delivered an incredible mix as always. The show was just incredibly beautiful. Lastly, I don't like to say this unless I mean it, normally I would say one if his best as there were so many good ones over the years but if I am expressing my genuine feelings now, I must admit that this was my favorite show ever, hopefully we get a DVD of it. - Pangea/Gerard



The concerts at the Public Theater have been a perfect opportunity to get an idea about the writing process and story line of the musical The Last Ship. You will learn how much work, blood sweat and tears went into this play. What I remember foremost is the joy, passion and twinkling in Sting's eyes when he and his band performed these songs. It is very contagious and one can only hope that these concerts will be continued in some way. I'm sure Mr. Jimmy Nail is going to do a perfect job performing these songs next year. It was a pleasure to see the two interact on these songs. - Luuk



'Sky Hooks and Tartan Paint' was a highlight for me, with you playing the spoons and singing the line as the mum: "How was it son? How was your day? Sit down and have some tea" with a deadpan look after and watching Jimmy Nail's reaction and the rest of the band's faces of shock and awe. Thank you Sting for a great show and performance and all the insight you told us about the process of creating these songs for "the play with music." These nights you have been more than just an artist, but also a showman, and an entertainer. - Josh



Sting, What an extraordinary experience. Two of my greatest passions, your music and musical theatre brought together in such an intimate setting. It is so rare that an artist will let you in, behind the scenes so to speak, and share their creative journey with you and yet this is exactly what you have done. I am from Nova Scotia where we still build ships for a living. It is in my blood and in my heritage (my great great uncle designed the Bluenose, Canada's greatest schooner). This collection of songs speaks right to my soul. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to hear you sing it live. It was magical. - Kristi



Congratulations, Sting. I've loved every minute, watching my favorite singer/songwriter/schoolteacher conjure up a masterpiece where there used to be a hole in his life. Thanks for getting out of your own way long enough to make your most personal - and personally satisfying - music of your storied career. As you prepare your spectacular new vessel to head down the slipway, I'm grateful to have witnessed the riveters and welders assembling this version of it on three different nights at the Public Theater, filling the hatches and securing the hull, all to thunderous applause, tender tears, and belly laughs, making it worthy of the turbulent waters of Broadway. During these special events, please know that I've strengthened lifelong friendships with dozens of like-hearted disciples, all hailing from the four corners of the earth - the Sea of Japan to the cliffs of Dover - and everywhere in between. Finally, please know that on opening night, when you ride down Broadway on your Rolls Royce bicycle, I'll be there, standing with me mum (God willing) and my family, and thousands of other admirers, happy to be in our Sunday best, waving our Union Jacks, and hoping you single us out with a wave of your hand. For ever since I was infected by your talent at Shea Stadium, I've thought to myself, "He's the guy every guy wants to be, and the guy every girl wants to be with." Ultimately, this disciple is content to be your "stunt double" - but I'm delighted to follow you, my compass star, on this latest voyage to your Island of Souls. - Tom Clark



Sting's concert "The Last Ship" at New York City's Public Theater reminded me of the old saying, "You think you know someone, and then...!" What makes Sting a contemporary classic is his Picasso-like ability to successfully explore different styles of art. I was entranced hearing Sting's hallmark voicings transformed into a blend of Broadway, history, and personal reflection. It was an extraordinary evening, and I was thrilled that everyone will have the chance to enjoy our intimate concert experience when it is broadcast on television. - Caitlin Augusta



From the first bars of The Last Ship at Live Theatre in Newcastle, I experienced the most visceral and emotional response ever to any music and have waited impatiently to hear it again. I was not disappointed. To hear these songs performed by Sting has been probably the greatest musical gift he has given his fans since release of Soul Cages. Sting is joyous when singing these songs. It is him at his most honest and authentic and it is a joy to witness. Regardless of Sting's intent this is a beautiful tribute not only to the people of Wallsend but also to his father. The variety of musical styles, rhythms, emotions makes other music sound flat and monotonous now. Newcastle needs to hear these songs straight from their favourite son. - Patti Hinton



A small venue, new songs and the fan club members attending - at least the setting was perfect for the Last Ship concert. A friend of mine, who had seen the gig previous night, said that it will be ten times better what you expect - wasn't really sure to believe it or not. When Sting had played first few songs, I was sold - the pure energy and happiness of the band was astonishing! This is what we have waited for all these years - new songs in an intimate setting and a perfect audience! The new songs are beautiful, a nice mixture of up- and downtempo songs. Of course you have to remember that these are made for a musical - many of them wouldn't suite stadium shows as a individual songs. But for this venue I couldn't ask for more. Sting and the band had a really really nice contact with the audience, you really felt as you were part of the show. It was so good to see that Sting seems to be very happy with these songs and getting rid of 'writer's block'. My friend was right - the show was ten times better what I expected! So now we have a long wait until next summer - I'm very eager to see the actual musical. All in all, after seeing tens and tens of gigs by Sting and other artists, it's simply said: I'm now convinced that this concert was the best ever. - Timo Saajoranta



I was very lucky to win the ticket to Sting's birthday show at the Public Theater and it was the best concert of my life (so far). The atmosphere was nice and relaxed and everyone had so much fun. I am also excited about this Sting's new project. The songs of the Last Ship show how extremely talented and diverse musician Sting is. He still knows how to surprise his audience. It is so wonderful that he has found a new approach to make music again. I find the songs of the Last Ship interesting and compelling. Thank you Sting. I look forward to follow the success of the musical. - Jutta Hassinen



Sting has once again proven himself one of great composers our time. The band he assembled was stellar… as usual. However, what made them even better was that they knew the context in which Sting was referencing; because most of them were from Newcastle area (Jimmy Nail, Peter and Kathryn Tickell and The Wilson family) His lyrics tell a rich story… a universal story of communities’ of people that live and die together. “Dead Man’s Boots” resonates with any Fathers of sons. The haunting “August winds” which all had the privilege of hearing twice as Sting had played a wrong chord or in his words “a C Demolished!” and had to redo, as the concert was being taped. I could go on… in a word… magical. From a boy growing up on a small Island on Canada’s east coast “The Last Ship” comes full circle for me. Receiving the “Synchronicity” album in grade 6 and first moving back through ”The Police’s” earlier albums and then following the evolution of Sting’s musical journey until now. - Jeff Scott Jenkins



There was a great atmosphere with the visuals on the screens alongside the storytelling where Sting talked about the origins of each song, how they related to his childhood, and their place in the upcoming stage production. The full band was wonderful, especially the male and female co-singers, and the brothers who got up and sang a song acapella. I'm so glad the event was taped for broadcast so I can watch it again and share it with friends and family. The celtic feel of many of the songs was great, and fun to experience in person where we could clap along. This experience helped me with a greater appreciation of the songs on the Last Ship album and I'm really looking forward to bringing my mother and girlfriend to see the Broadway show when it's performed. - Bryan Carnahan



As the 'Soul Cages' is one of my favorite Sting albums, I was thrilled to hear he was coming full circle and going back to his roots... and this album to write new music for a Broadway play. To have the opportunity to see the show on 10/1 and 10/2, was for me a once in a lifetime experience. When I walked into the venue that evening, I knew we were in for a special treat, and I was not disappointed. The show was just unbelievable. I was so touched to hear Sting describe his childhood, his writing process... several times during the songs, I actually had goose bumps. I am not as eloquent as others when it comes to expressing what these two shows and the music meant to be, all I can say is 'thank-you Sting.' Your music over the past 30 plus years have mirrored my life through joy, sorry, deaths, disappointment... you songs were always there to comfort me. - Mimi, Houston



Thank you dear Sting for the best week of my life! The words, the musical arrangement, the interaction between everybody and the pure joy on everybody's faces - I literally had goosebumps through the show. Smile was permanently plastered on my face and I was witnessing a pure masterpiece being born. I have been through a lot of Sting shows during the last 15 years, but this one - is the best one for me so far. It was funny, it was sad and it has soul. what more can anybody ask for. Now the CD sounds totally different to me :) So thank you so much for being so brilliant and thank you for letting me to experience it twice. I can't wait for Chicago and Broadway with the most admiration and love. - Larisa Roiberg



The Language used in many songs might be Geordie, but it speaks to your heart... What I initially (at the Live Theater) thought could be an obstacle, the use of a local dialect, is actually the pivoting center of all the artistic effort, something that gives integrity to the songs, an identity of sort. It could be felt on both concerts I was so lucky to attend. As heterogeneous the people in the audience would be, they all responded equally to the music, to the interpretation of it. It was all so genuine. Mentioning some artist to the detriment of others would be unfair. The artistic level was so top notch that I could hardly think of any other artist replacing those present at the venue. Thanks Sting for the birthday party but I think we got the present this time. Thanks for making this project a reality. - Maurizio Saccani



After a trip from Australia to see Sting I usually have a very long time on that long haul flight home to think about, digest and contemplate the concert having been attended. Were my favourite songs performed, did I get eye contact, did I end up at the front next to the stage and so on. This time was different. I have become in Sting's words "infected". We all saw the leap of faith that Sting took offering a glimpse into the depths of his soul and to have the opportunity to witness the culmination of the process with The Last Ship takes on a level of gratitude almost immeasurable. After those two precious performances on the 1st and 2nd my heart felt as it would burst with sheer joy and happiness and I know that sentiment was echoed amongst not only us but by those on stage with our man, offering little pieces of their souls too. This music will soothe me, engage me, lift me, revive me, but most of all inspire me for a very very long time. Thank you Sting. - Annette Parncutt



I entered the theatre having deliberately avoided listening to 'The Last Ship' album, wanting my initial experience of this new material to be in a live setting. I was immediately struck by the wonderful balance of the visceral and the cerebral - something I have come to expect from Sting. Throughout the energy-infused evening, I was enthralled by the diversity of music and lyrics, both of which drew tears and laughter in equal measures. There were some beautifully poignant moments, brilliantly juxtaposed by the absolutely hilarious. All the songs were crafted in such a way as to capture the humanity of the characters. These songs have stayed with me since that evening, forming a divine “collage” of an earworm, a truly wonderful thing to wake up to in the middle of the night. To continue to refer to Sting as a pop star would be a disservice; this man has evolved into a truly remarkable musician and composer. - Barbara Gilbert (music teacher)



Sting thanks for writing a musical classic. Even though it took ten years to create. It was well worth the wait. To be able to listen to the album and then to be fortunate enough to attend two shows of 'The Last Ship' is something that Tracey and I will never forget. We are also very excited to see the play in Chicago. Once again Sting many thanks. - Jim & Tracey Campbell



The imagery that Sting paints with the lyrics and music of his latest album, The Last Ship, is one that will stay with you for a long time. Listening to it live at the Public Theater elevates the experience to a higher level; it grips your very soul from the very first note to last powerful sweet tune. The subtle and sometimes obvious theatrical innuendos between Sting, Jo, and Jimmy is something behold. Be prepared to go to a journey of a roller coaster ride of emotions: joy and elation, pride and anger, desperation and hope. Grab any and every chance you can to board The Last Ship because it will take you a to musical voyage you will treasure forever. - blueskky



Sting has forever immortalized the history of the demise of ship building in his town. His songs eloquently spoke of his insights with regard to the ship builders, the pride they felt about their work, and the relationships that bound them together. Each song was intricately woven like a beautiful tapestry, drawing you in until you almost believed you were a piece of thread slipping through time, seeing the town, the ships, and the characters come to life. As much as Sting has tried to remove himself from the music, the little boy who saw the ships and the lives of those in that town shines through. The man he has become is in part, due to his upbringing in the shadow of the shipyard and his keen observations of life there. The Last Ship is a moving testament to all of them (including himself). Thank you Sting for creating such a beautiful piece of work that, I believe, will endure the test of time. - Colleen Thibault



I've followed this project from the start - every little snippet of info or rumor of this show had me riveted and waiting for more. To know you were working on a PLAY was so exciting to me. And now, I'm seeing it come to life. I want you to know how very important this is to me not only as a lifelong fan, but as an actress. Since I was a child I've always been fascinated with the theater and was a theater major in college. I spent all my high school and college years involved in all aspects of drama. 2010 happened to be the year I was cast in my first full production since 1994, after taking a long break to have a family. Since November of last year I've experienced a full on resurgence of my passion and haven't been without an acting project for the past 11 months. And what sails into port but The Last Ship! I don't believe in coincidence, and somehow your music always infuses itself into the most significant turning points of my life. What I loved most about the shows at the Public is the joy radiating from your face. You are relaxed, proud, jubilant, humble and loving every minute of this. To see you so happy makes me happy, too. To be allowed a glimpse into your creative process, your crafting - to be allowed to see 'The Last Ship' in its raw, unpolished state is something I never expected to witness and I feel privileged to have done so. The music and lyrics are beautiful - 'Language of Birds' takes my heart to places I didn't know it could go. 'Dead Man's Boots' makes me want to hold onto my dad forever. 'August Winds' blows through my mind constantly. Don't even get me started on 'What Say You Meg'. The Public shows, from start to finish, take me on a emotional journey I've never quite experienced. I feel like you've shared part of your heart. That takes true courage. - Angie Leavens-Smith



The last ship is a unique compilation of songs that give great insight in Stings life and musical career. To be invited for the exclusive birthday show was an immense experience and honour and I loved every second of it. Some songs make you want to jump up and down (which Ii did) some songs make you reflect on your life and with some songs you can't do anything else other than sit back and be in awe of the beauty of it. These are songs for the soul and nourish it. I have been on the road for a long time and for me this is the most important piece of music ever written and to be able to attend it by invitation of Sting is one of the best experience in my life and I thank everyone involved. - Allard van der Kuip



After waiting for years for new material and hearing what the subject matter would be I was skeptical if I would enjoy the album. Coming from Sting I already knew it would be good but would it be "up my alley" so to speak ;) ? Hearing the album was amazing but the live performance of it was a totally immersive experience. The intimacy of the venue coupled with the emotional content of the songs as well as the tantalizing and often humorous story of how they came to be and where they fit in the upcoming play brought them to life in a way I couldn't have imagined. Sitting in my seat hand over heart with tears streaming down my cheeks or clapping in time with the music so hard my hands hurt the range of emotions brought forth was overwhelming. The ebb and flow of the music and the pictures of great ships as the backdrop further transported me to the shipyards on the banks of the river Tyne. The seemingly effortless, easy manner with which Sting and all of the immensely talented musicians presented this story lent to its authenticity. I have never had such a moving experience and eagerly await the opening of the play. Sting has once again managed to surprise and delight with his creative genius! Bravo! - drgnm5



Once you again you have outdone yourself. Your music seems to have brought a new light into your life, it has touched you and has of course touched all of us in so many ways. You say you "got out of the way" to write this music, but there seems to be so much of you in this music, in some way or another. I have seen you all over the world, from places such as Chile where you songs such as "They Dance Alone" was more than just a song. It was a rallying cry against a harsh long-term dictator Pinochet, whom you named directly in that song. You music was banned in Chile at that time, but the power of your music made a huge change in that country. I have also seen you in many other venues around the U.S. and around the globe over the years. NYC and the "Last Ship" was simply magical and a type of rebirth of wondrous music that still amazes me. I have followed you for years and I always wonder, "What's next" and you never cease to amaze all of us. I cannot wait to see what comes next. - Daniel, Santiago, Chile and Washington D.C.



I cannot put into words how much your music has touched me and many of us on this website. Your shows in NYC were full of life and all that it entails, love, sorrow, hope, despair, camaraderie, etc. I am also amazed by all that you have done over such a long successful career and how your music has influenced the lives of so many and brought so much joy to millions of people around the world. You just keep reinventing yourself and your music. Thank you for being "the soundtrack to our lives", and for allowing us to accompany you on this charmed journey though time with your magical music. - Inge



What I have always loved in Sting's music is its humanity and intellect. Never one to belittle his fans, Sting believes that we who listen to music also think - something many of his contemporaries ignore. I was fortunate enough to be at the Oct. 1 and Oct. 2 shows, and can only describe my experiences as other-worldly. These shows were different. They were intimate. They were joyful. They were full of emotion and heartache, and finally, overwhelmingly, full of hope. I left the theater each night downright giddy! Perhaps it was meeting fellow fans, which was fun and fascinating. Maybe it was getting to sit next to one of my favorite singers at the birthday bash, or the kindness of Peter Tickell following the show. Maybe it was experiencing the show with my sister, or feeling like I was able to be part of the process that is this work. Maybe it was all of this combined. What I know is, this music gives me profound happiness, and for that, I am thankful. - mbeliot



I saw the October 1 show and was blown away. Sting mentioned that the old man in the song 'Practical Arrangement' is going to be written out of the play. I will be very interested to see how the plot develops as a result. There may need to be a re-release of the theatrical music actually used in the play as it seems it is still under construction. For me, the songs 'Language of Birds' and 'So to Speak' were particularly poignant. As for the latter, I gave Sting, during the meet and greet, a very abbreviated and watered-down version of something unexplainable that happened to me once that intersected the theme of the dying. I had difficulty keeping it together "so to speak" during the performance. - hon68261



I have been to so many Sting shows! I can't even count. I had purchased the $250 ticket for this show and had last row side. I knew the venue was intimate and was thrilled to just be going. About 5 weeks ago I had an accident (broke my femur). It was a very painful and depressing time for me. I was determined to get to this show though. The venue was very accommodating and moved my seat up to front row handicap. I met Sting in the lobby in my wheelchair and told him I needed some Sting medicine to heal. Well, this sure was the truth! The show was amazing - I loved every minute and truly felt privileged to have been there. This spectacular night sits right up there with Sting's 60th, the Police finale at MSG & the St. John the Divine shows. I'm still on a high - I'm telling you Sting is the best medicine! - Chris Messina



It is amazing how a far-east national like me could have "a nostalgic feeling" about a little ship town in England and all stories from his music. I feel like I had a previous life living in it. Thank you Sting for this magical inner-trip experience. - Shigemi Hayashi



Aye, the fans are frantic in their anticipation,
You see, "the birthday boy's decided to hold a celebration!"
For the Anspacher was crammed with Sting fan nobility,
All of them famous for their compatibility,
For he's launching a disc and he can't hide his pride,
And they've come from all over, from far and from wide,

And whatever he'd promised, whatever he'd done,
And whatever we thought, we'd be overcome.
And no matter the weave of the notes he had spun,
We'd all be in Heaven, having such fun,
When the Last Ship Sails.

Oh the roar of the crowd and the tapping of fingers,
The noise of a genius filling our ears
As a mountain of songs fills the air beautifully
When the Last Ship Sailed.
- Andy Finch


posted by bogina
Andy' poem!
Wonderful Andy!! you are perfectly right!! ... In heaven haviing such fun!! I can perfectly imagine.... Ciao Paola!
posted by annette17
All good things.....
I am on the other side of the world (Oz), and work and save and work and save and never take for granted how lucky I am to have been part of this monolithic event. I thought how I would have felt if I'd missed out and honestly cannot fathom that depth of disappointment. We all represented the Labyrinth and did it proud and this is only the beginning. Public was the appetiser, bring on the main course!! :)
posted by peanuts
Thanks eveyone for their wonderful insight of what it ment to them to be so fortunate to be there ,thank you so much.....PS.......Andy......brilliant piece of work in your comment....well done ,Amazing.
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P.S. 'What Say You Meg?' would make a lovely single! :)
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What a beautiful, powerful story to see put to such magical music live! I loved seeing Sting's friends from home and elsewhere...their harmonies and humor lit up the whole stage. And of course Sting is still a great dancer, as shown off on Jock the Singing Welder. Woohoo! ;) Thank you, too, for the touching addition of When We Dance, which I've always wished to see live. It is not difficult to discern how the play will flow from these and other incredible songs, for it will be the characters who give meaning to what The Last Ship is about in the end. So much fun to see & feel with the heart! I'd climb aboard for sure!! :)
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Both Sting and our stellar fan site members. ALL lovely letters. Well said. Thank you for sharing.
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My 80+ mom is thrilled with the songs. And is curious about the love interest more than the story. i Told her I hadn't a clue. If you.need her demographic feedback let me know :) I couldn't figure out why Oct 6 kept haunting me. Oops - Happy Birthday bro.
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Where did The Ship story go?
Saw the "penultimate" concert of the series. Music is awesome. But as a musical theater always struggling with creating through-lines for shows, I'm struck by the fact that the story is floundering. According to Sting, it's the story of the community dealing with the last ship sailing and then coming together on an impossible mythical quest. The opening song conveys that idea. But then, by Sting's own admission, he's really much more interested in telling you about the characters, rather than creating characters are that changed or moved or progress along with the story of the quest. The songs are clever and heartfelt seem like songs from "Working" rather than this mythical quest. Then, Sting admitted he was begrudgingly required to add a love story. Those songs are in their own world, not in the world of the last ship. So...all those 60+ white-haired ladies in the Broadway theater are going to be scratching their heads trying to figure out how these three different thrusts add up to a compelling story. Tell the story you want to tell!
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So Jealous
You guys have no idea how lucky you are to have been able to attend what must have been a fantastic evening I would have given anything to be able be there, unfortunately I am on the other side of the world, BOO HOO ):
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Oct 9, 2013

There's an eerie truth to a song on Sting's new album, "The Last Ship." "Dead Man's Boots" tells the story of a father passing a job to his son that the boy simply doesn't want. In a way, that story parallels the musician's life. Born in the English shipbuilding town of Wallsend, Sting clearly wanted no part of the industry, instead attending university to become a teacher. But that wasn't enough, so two years later he made an even bolder move: to pursue a career in music. "There were no clues in my environment that you leave that environment and fare well and be successful. My parents didn't really understand what my dreams were, they just thought I was crazy, because I had just given up a job with a pension and the security, in their eyes," he said...

Oct 8, 2013

On November 5th, Amnesty International will release ¡Released!, a special six-disc DVD and two-disc CD box set featuring four shows from their historic Human Rights Concerts series that spanned from 1986-1998. The first of the four films showcases the all-day final concert of A Conspiracy of Hope, Amnesty International's 25th anniversary tour of the U.S. in June 1986. Included are performances by U2 ,the Police, Bryan Adams, Miles Davis, Lou Reed and Joni Mitchell. The third film features the An Embrace of Hope October 1990 concert, where Sting, Sinead O'Connor, Jackson Browne and Wynton Marsalis landed in Chile to show support of the country's liberation from military dictatorship...