STING: 25 YEARS The Definitive Box Set Collection set for September 27 release...

September 07, 2011

STING: 25 YEARS The Definitive Box Set Collection

Three CDs Featuring 45 Remastered Tracks Spanning Sting’s Solo Career Plus a DVD Containing Previously Unreleased Live Concert Footage

Accompanied by a Comprehensive Book Featuring Intimate Photos, Complete Lyrics and a Written Introduction by Sting

To Be Released September 27, 2011
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Cherrytree/A&M Records/Universal Music Group is pleased to announce 'Sting: 25 Years', the definitive box set collection slated for release on September 27, 2011. Featuring three CDs comprised of 45 remastered tracks personally curated by Sting, a previously unreleased live concert DVD and a comprehensive hardcover book, this retrospective captures for the first time both the highlights and rarities of Sting’s enduring solo career.

This consummate collection contains selections spanning his entire solo catalog, from his 1985 debut album, 'The Dream Of The Blue Turtles', to his latest release, Live in Berlin. Highlights include all of Sting’s top 40 hits as well as Grammy® winners 'Brand New Day', 'The Soul Cages', 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You', and 'Whenever I Say Your Name' featuring Mary J. Blige (full track listing included below).

Sting: 25 Years was produced by Rob Mathes and Executive Produced by Sting’s longtime manager, Kathryn Schenker. The box set also contains nine songs remixed by Robert Orton and Steve Fitzmaurice exclusively for this collection.

Rough, Raw & Unreleased: Live At Irving Plaza, the previously unreleased live concert DVD, features 10 tracks culled from newly unearthed raw performance footage filmed in New York City on the final night of Sting’s U.S. 'Broken Music' tour in 2005.

The discs are housed in a beautiful, lavish hardcover book containing intimate and rare photos from world renowned photographers, complete lyrics, personal commentary and a newly written introduction by Sting.

Richly diverse in musical content and visually captivating, 'Sting: 25 Years' is a compelling tribute to the restless spirit of an artist who continues to evolve and explore new musical territory.


Disc One:
1. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
2. Love Is The Seventh Wave
3. Consider Me Gone
4. Moon Over Bourbon Street
5. Fortress Around Your Heart
6. Bring On The Night (Live)
7. Driven To Tears (Live)
8. I Burn For You (Live)
9. Be Still My Beating Heart
10. They Dance Alone
11. Englishman In New York
12. Fragile
13. We’ll Be Together
14. Sister Moon
15. Secret Marriage

Disc Two:
1. All This Time
2. Mad About You
3. Why Should I Cry For You?
4. The Soul Cages
5. When The Angels Fall
6. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
7. Fields Of Gold
8. Seven Days
9. It’s Probably Me
10. Shape Of My Heart
11. When We Dance
12. I Hung My Head
13. I Was Brought To My Senses
14. You Still Touch Me
15. I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying

Disc Three:
1. A Thousand Years
2. Desert Rose
3. Ghost Story
4. Brand New Day
5. Send Your Love
6. Whenever I Say Your Name
7. Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)
8. Soul Cake
9. The Hounds Of Winter
10. Next To You
11. We Work The Black Seam
12. The Pirate’s Bride
13. Never Coming Home
14. Russians (Live)
15. The End Of The Game (Live)

Disc Four: Rough, Raw & Unreleased: Live at Irving Plaza
1. Message In A Bottle
2. Demolition Man
3. Synchronicity II
4. Driven To Tears
5. Heavy Cloud, No Rain
6. A Day In The Life
7. Voices Inside My Head/When The World Is Running Down
8. Roxanne
9. Next To You
10. Lithium Sunset

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posted by tdelacruz61
I Burn For You, which version?
As anyone who owns the Bring On The Night double-CD knows, its version of "I Burn For You" is nothing like the version they use for the movie documentary. Omar Hakim ends the song in the movie with a transcendent drum solo, while the CD version never really takes off. Does anyone know which one is in the box set?
posted by jsygirl
Amazon Has This
Pre-order through Amazon. Use your points. Will be great to have all my favorite songs on just 3 CDs.
posted by Linn
#8 I BURN 4 U
So glad this is on the list #8 (I Burn For You)....Cannot wait for Sting's countdown and my own personal countdown....This song was dedicated to my "first kiss" when I was 16 and was living in Santiago, Chile for one summer. Recently I connected with "my first kiss" and we are seeing each other for the first time Sept 29! Now we have 2 reasons for our countdown!
posted by Athelstane
It's Sting's Box Set
...and no one else has more right to determine what ought to be on it, and what he has picked is a solid running order. Nonetheless, I second Marcelaeg's wish that he had given stronger consideration to more standout non-album tracks like UNTIL, EVERYBODY LAUGHED BUT YOU (available in the U.S. only as a B-Side), LULLABY TO AN ANXIOUS CHILD, or ANGEL EYES, or even some of the instrumental work from THE LIVING SEA. Most of us have these anyway, but remastered versions would have been welcome - and these songs would have been made accessible to a wider audience.
posted by stingchronicity
All the Best
As I read the track list thriled me that every FAV of mine will be neat and tidy in a lovely songs are silver,old favorites are gold :)
posted by jrodhard
$137.00 for this? If it's available on and I can get it with my gift card cash, I'm in. But that is a high price for a few new versions of songs, a DVD that isn't even the full concert and a book. This is disapointing to say the least...
posted by caroguzzi
Can't pre-order from France
Can't pre-order from France...
posted by cestriansaint
More Regurgitation :-(
Never mind all this regurgutataed old material. When are we going to get a new album? Is Sting in competition with Elton John to see who can re-release their back catalogue in as many different ways as possible? Not impressed!
posted by surpata
So excited Sting is giving his fans a present the week of his 60th! Thank You Sting!! : )
posted by xaviervr
What a Great Idea!!!
Oh, what a great idea to release a box set with the same old songs we have been listening for years and ask fans to pay for Englishman in New York again. Writting new songs after 8 years is asking for too much?
posted by andy
Looks and sounds like a lovely item
It will compliment my collection beautifully. Is the IP sweat in HD!
posted by andy
A lovely and welcome addition to my coll
Very much looking forward to seeing the IP footage. Is the sweat in HD!
posted by andy
A lovely and welcome addition to my coll
Very much looking forward to seeing the IP footage. Is the sweat in HD!
posted by mongirette
I love Lives...
no chance to get the live without the box ?
posted by giovanni
I love box sets
I was looking forward to something like that, even if I would have included another cd with demos, outtakes, tracks from compilations not included in the albums, etc...But this sounds like a great box set! Giovanni from Milano
posted by marcelaeg
I am really excited about this but I wish he would include seldom heard songs like Until or some of the tracks re-makes, like the tracks on Leaving Las Vegas Soundtrack. Certainly NOT going to STOP ME from buying it!!!!
posted by TarAncalime
fan ruined song at IP?
which song was ruined by that drunken fan @ Irving Plaza anyway? I dont think that song will be on a internationally released box set;-)
posted by spfarrell
Irving Plaza Live???
Awesome! About time. :)
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Sep 4, 2011
The second match of Sting with the Dominicans at Altos de Chavon was exceptional and achieved a sellout of the landmark amphitheater. From 8 to 9:40 pm on Sunday Sting played his major hits, which included some that popularized the band The Police and others of his solo career. 'Englishman In New York', 'When We Dance', 'Every Breath You Take' and 'Roxanne' were some of the songs he played the British singer. The Grammy award-winning evening concluded with 'Fragile' with his guitar, he thanked in Spanish and blew kisses to all fans...
Sep 2, 2011
Sting performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands Antilles city of Curacao on September 2. Accompanied by Dominic Miller, Vinnie Coliauta, David Sancious and Jo Lawry Sting was also joined by Branford Marsalis on 'Englishman in New York, 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free' and Bring On The Night/When The World Is Running Down'.