Sting iHeartRadio Performance in Los Angeles...

January 24, 2020

iHeartRadio is pleased to present Sting for a special performance on January 28 in Los Angeles. Sting will be joined by cast members from his stage production, The Last Ship, currently staged at the Ahmanson Theatre in LA. We are excited to offer fan club members access to this exclusive performance. If you live in or will be in the Los Angeles metro area on January 28, submit your RSVP now.




Jan 23, 2020

There was always a problem with Sting’s Broadway musical, “The Last Ship.” Even though the music was par excellence, the songs beyond deliciously hummable, the story was always muddled. I’m thrilled to report that has changed, very much for the better. “The Last Ship” has been rebuilt and is eminently seaworthy. Last night’s premiere in Los Angeles at the Ahmanson Theater was a triumph on so many levels but the biggest was that we finally feel like the people of Wallsend, Newcastle, UK who build ships are getting their due.

Jan 23, 2020

Sting would be glad to live in a world ruled by women. He says there are few trials women aren’t strong enough to endure, and few troubles they can’t summon the will to fix. That’s why when faced with retooling his first Broadway musical, “The Last Ship,” Sting chose to make women the backbone of the new book. “My avatar is now a girl who wants to be a musician and escape,” the singer says while sitting in his dressing room backstage at the Ahmanson Theatre...