Sting opens Back to Bass Tour in Boston with exciting setlist...

October 22, 2011

Sting opened his Back to Bass Tour last night at a sold-out Wang Theatre at the Citi Performing Arts Center in Boston. The new band comprising of Dominic Miller, Rufus Miller (guitarist), Vinnie Colaiuta (drummer), Peter Tickell (electric fiddle), and Jo Lawry (vocalist) were joined by Chris Botti on two songs. The setlist, which comprised of 21 songs was an exciting mix of solo and Police tunes although heavily biased (16 post-Police songs) towards his solo career with a number of songs being aired for the first time in several years. The Sacred Love and Ten Summoner's Tales albums were particularly well represented with Stolen Car, Inside, Sacred Love and Never Coming Home from the former and Seven Days, Fields Of Gold, Heavy Cloud No Rain and Love Is Stronger Than Justice included in the set. The full set list was:

All This Time
Demolition Man
Seven Days (with Chris Botti)
I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying
I Hung My Head
Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) (with Chris Botti)
Fortress Around Your Heart
Fields Of Gold
Sacred Love
Ghost Story
Heavy Cloud No Rain
The Hounds Of Winter
Love Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven)
Driven To Tears
End Of The Game
Never Coming Home
Lithium Sunset
Every Breath You Take
Next To You
Message In A Bottle

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Photo by Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

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posted by stingcom
No support - prompt start!
In answer to your question phillyhawk, there is no support act and the shows starts promptly. Aim to be there by 8pm absolute latest!
posted by phillyhawk
what time did he go on?
just wondering if the boston fans can share - what time did the show start? is there an opening act? getting ready for the philly show but not sure what time to have the sitter arive... thanks!
posted by RobinC
Drove from NY
Worth the drive from New York to see an amazing performance by Sting who's voice is as pristine as it was 25 years ago!! The band was infectious and the lighting was a total class act. What a night - I only wish I didn't get closed out of tickets for NYC so I could see him again! Wish he would have done "When We Dance" -
posted by RobinC
Drove from NY to Boston
Worth the drive and then some!!!! Had an amazing time. Sting's voice is pristine - the band beyond talent - the simplicty of the lighting - was class and then some - wish I didn't get shut out of tickets for NYC or I would have seen the show again! Bravo!!!
posted by mikeii
Please bring this tour to the UK!
This sounds like an excellent set and having seen the Today show performance of All This Time it's a seriously good line-up. Vinnie is sounding as sharp as ever. I would LOVE to see this tour over here in the UK as I'm sure many other fans would. The Bournemouth International Centre would make a fantastic venue for this show...hint, hint, hint! Saw Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan there last week, and Mark and his band were particularly amazing that night. Come on Sting, the last time you played this far south was 1996 I believe...pleeeeease...!
posted by jackman13
Setlist seems alittle heavy with sacred love music. The earlier albums need to be represented more. Demo Man and Next To You need to be dumped.
posted by brijohn
Night 2 in Boston just as Amazing
Night two in Boston was just as good. All were delightful. A little change to the set, loved the addition of Desert Rose. The first nights guest appearance by Chris Botti was wonderful, but this night was just as good. I actually thought the structure of Seven Days was better tonight. It seem to contain more and longer pauses. Rufus Miller was relaxing a bit more tonight, and seemed to have more fun. Dominic must love this , having his son playing along. He had his little daughter watching form off stage which was very cute. Peter again just outstanding, and of courses Jo dear was simply superb. The lady is just so very, very good. The there is that old guy Sting. He is just simply beyond words. He is so good, does so much. For one who seems to like to be in control he has been so very trusting of the two young men, Peter and Rufus, hats off to you for giving them this incredible opportunity. Peter is just wild on that fiddle, but we knew that from the work on the Winter project with Peter and his sister who is also great. All of you who are going to see this tour are in for a real treat. You all outside the States, rest assured, I am sure Sting will bring it to you. I mean the guy just doesn't like to sit still. THANK GOD!!
posted by Neave
Sting was amazing at the Wang Center in Boston last night. His voice and guitar skills are magical still. So unique. I could listen to him all night. Chris Botti and Peter Tickell were also fantastic as were the rest of the band. I would have liked to hear a few more of the older more familiar songs but I still enjoyed every minute of the show. Thanks for a great night's entertainment.
posted by soulcage62
nice set list
Dear mr sting Please bring this tour to the uk.
posted by ecur
Great Show
Great show last night. Still a few kinks to be worked out- his voice still sounds like it did 30 years ago! No Roxanne though.. Bummer - some great old stuff- don't think he did anything for Brand New Day. How inspiring that he is putting his faith in these young 20 somethings on fiddle and guitar. Still looks great for 60!! Rock on Sting!!!
posted by pangea
I like the setlist...
posted by stingfan42
Great setlist!
Seeing the setlist for this show is getting me extremely excited about the Chicago date in a few weeks. The Sacred Love songs are a surprising and welcomed addition. I was shocked there was no Roxanne, however, not exactly disappointed.

I wonder if the setlist will change tonight in Boston. It would seem to me that this particular band would be more flexible and capable of altering the songs performed form night to night.
posted by brijohn
Well they did it, was there ever any doubt. Sting has a great band. After seeing the tour with the symphony it was such a treat to hear the band ay alone. Special guest Chris Botti was a real treat especially having just got the Chris Botti in Boston cd/DVD last week. The young guns, Rufus Miller and Peter Tickell were a fine additon. Peter was showcased in two of the songs, and he absolutely brought the house down with his great ay on the electric fiddle. While we are on fiddle playing, Jo you were great on your fiddle too. You voice was used like a wonderful instrument, just superb. Seeing Dominic and his son Rufus together was a kick, and I am sure dad enjoyed it thoroughly.

The show had a wonderful ebb and flow, and I honestly thought the encores would never end. You forgot to add Message in a Bottle to the end of the set list. Sting did a wonderful solo acoustic sing along with the crowd.

Sting so enjoyed himself. And really shared himself with the audiance. He has gotten so comfortable with that, delightful to see. Doing it all again in less than 24 hours.
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