25 Years Countdown: 23 Days

September 10, 2011

What's your favorite memory of being at a Sting concert? Use the comments section below to let everyone know what your favourite memory from the Sting concerts you have attended is. How close were you? Was it a club, a theatre, an arena, an amphitheatre...? Did you meet or talk to Sting or any of the band? Did anything special happen - a marriage proposal or were you invited on stage to sing perhaps? Was a new song performed? Which tour was it? Don't spare any details - we want to hear all about it!
posted by BassPlayerMike
Slappin Dah Bass
Being a musician for most of my life, piano lessons from an early age, percussion in elementary thru high school, college jazz band, and then teaching myself guitar and bass in my teenage years, along with teenage dreams of Rock Stardom with some high school buddies as we formed a local band at the end of highschool, I love playing music. It is my passion. The Police were huge in the early 80's when I was first starting to get into bands, learning about them from friends, MTV, etc, and then Sting's solo work towards the end of my high school career, I was/am a huge fan. In the late summer, early fall of 1996, I was lucky enough to get 4th row center for the Mercury Falling tour as it came through Phoenix. As luck would have it, I was listening to a local radio station driving home from work one night and heard a Sting song. The DJ then announced Sting was on Leno that night. Being a music dork and one hobby was taping and keeping my favorite music act's performances on talk shows, music vids on MTV, etc, I went home and got my VCR ready! He performed I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying for the show. Then came the interview. Leno questioned him about pulling people up on stage to sing the song with him and told the story of how that came to be. Well, I thought to myself, I've got good tickets, I'll make a sign to try and get on stage. Then I thought, hmmm, how do I get picked over what was going to obviously be many many other people with signs. It then hit me. I play bass. Sting plays bass. Maybe I can get him to let me play the bass and/or sing. So I learned the live version they just played since I taped it, made a sign, took it to the show and held it up during points when the lights were on the crowd and he finally read it. I could see him squinting his eyes reading it. He then shook his head as if to say, what a nutball. Then tragedy ensued. Some dumbass security guy came and took my sign away from me because he said I was not allowed to have it. Um, don't know why they let me in with it if that was so. But luckily he had seen it already. Well, the time came to pick a person to come up and sing the song with him. I was so pissed I didn't have my sign anymore, and he picked someone else to sing. I kept after him though to at least play the bass along with my wife at the time. Well the persistance paid off. He announced to the crowd. "There's a guy that wants to play bass on this song." The other guy reached the stage and Sting started banter with him. He then turned and looked at me. He said "Are you the bass player? Come on then..." I raced up to the stage as Sting continued talking to the first lucky fan. I came up and stood there waiting my turn. He turned to me and said "Hello, what's your name?" "Michael" I replied. "Do you want to play the bass?" "Yes please". He said "Alright" and handed me his bass...the one pictured above here actually.(I also just recently bought a reproduction model of that bass that Fender makes in their Artist Signature Series). The crowd went nuts. He made sure I knew what key it was in and off we went. I started the song and forgot about the crowd. I just didn't want to screw up in front of Sting. When the song was over. He kicked the other guy off and then turned to me and I handed him back his bass. He gave me a hug and told me to "now GET OFF MY STAGE!" I ran and shook Kenny Kirkland's hand, went to the front of the stage and raised both of my hands in victory. The crowd gave me a big cheer. I went back to my seat and sat down drained. My wife was going crazy, along with my sister, father and close friend, who were all there to witness the event. When the show ended, I went to the foot of the stage and asked for a setlist. One of the crew recognized me and said, "Oh you're the guy that played the bass, yea, here ya go." and gave me Dominic's set list from the stage. We then took a chance where Sting would be staying for the night and drove to the Ritz Carlton. As my wife and I and friend walked in, a woman saw me and said "Oh hey, you're the guy that played bass tonight!" I asked her "Is he here?" She said, "yep, he's in the bar". I walked into the bar and there he was with some of the band having some drinks. He recognized me immediately. I asked if he would sign the set list, which of course he did and where it said "Happy", he wrote "Mike on Bass" and signed it. I had him sign the Mercury Falling CD cover as well. He asked how long I'd been playing, I told him, music most of my life, the bass, about 10 years. The other guys in the band all shook my hand and we left. AGAIN as luck would have it, a local news crew was at the show filming some of the show to air on the late news, the footage they showed was when I was on stage! So I got to record the rebroadcast of the news at 2am and got about 20 seconds of the whole thing. Look it up on youtube! The video is called "I'm so happy I can't stop crying Playing with sting 96" So that's my story, hope you enjoyed it, and look up my video on youtube.
posted by zenyatta101
Jay Leno Show
I won ticket here at to see Sting promote his Symphonicity Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. No.. I did not meet him, but I was just 40 feet away when he sing "next to you" with his new black Gretsch Falcon Guitar.. I was in cloud nine... of course, the Hollywood bowl concert was fantastic and most memorable (my first US Sting concert,I watched his 2 Manila Concerts) I drove home with a Symphonicty T-shirt and an autographed concert program book.. while listening to Sting music all night long...
posted by Stinglet
Encore song
I have a few unforgettable moments with Sting. My friend Kelly and I went to see him in Toronto oh about 20 years ago (had floors too - which is next to impossible to get nowadays). For his encore song, he asked the audience what they wanted to hear. Everyone in unison yelled "Roxanne" except Kelly and I. We yelled out "Fragile", he looked at us, smiled and played "Fragile". This then became his encore song from then on in :D I also saw him a few years later when he played at Kingswood Music Theatre inside Canada's Wonderland (had second row)and Domenic played right in front of me asking "Do you like it"? I also met Sting when I was 19 and he was at a book signing in Toronto. I bawled like a baby... hyperventilating and everything! He asked me if I was okay, put his arm around me and kissed me - I thought I'd die! He's going to be playing at Massey Hall in Toronto on November 1st and I'm trying desperately to win tickets for it, so that I can bring my 8 year old son to it with me! He's a second generation Sting/Police lover...Like he had a choice!!!
posted by lizasp
Jakarta 1994 , Zürich 2004
I nver thought I could see Sting alive from a very short distance, as I stood on the first row in Jakarta Convention Center with my brother. Ten Summoner's Tales Tour. IT was a memorable day for me and my brother. The metal barrier in the hall was new painted and I got all the stain on my jeans. But never mind, it was the souvenir. On the following day he and his crew flew by Singapore Airlines where I once worked, but I could only see his crew. 10 years later (Sting didn't performance in Indonesia since then), I went to his concert in Zürich, I was pregnant but I wanted to go to Sting's concert. Well, I liked the one in Jakarta much better, it was somehow for me more emotional and thrill, as it was really an experience. I pretty much eagerly want to go the one in Beacon Theatre NYC (I live in NJ now), but the ticket is away too expensive for me.
posted by stingchronicity
Does this Count?
Ok ,so I know this is a STING concert question...and I did post that... But this is really cool too... During The Police Reunion Tour...My Husband and I were about to have our 15th Wedding Anniversary. I wanted to go SO bad, but we were having a financially challenging year. It didn't even seem possible. However, my Husband is fantastic..and suggested we go, that he had been saving up,and that it would be my 15th Anniversary present!! :) Whoo Hoo!! I was happy to go no matter where we sat, and assumed we would be very far away from the stage. But lo and behold...he got us floor seats!! It was my 15th Wedding Anniversary Present :) The AWESOME thing was, the concert...was ON OUR ANNIVERSARY DAY!!!!!! We were able to celebrate with Sting, and hear all the songs in concert that I was never able to when I was a kid :) AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE my Husband!!
posted by beate
The Dream of the Blue Turtles - Théâtre
In February 1985, I turned 20. I was a student in Paris. A good friend of mine offered me an enveloppe as a birthday present and with a smile said “Here, for your birthday I offer to you... : Sting flesh and bones.” In the enveloppe there were two tickets for a concert in Théâtre Mogador in Paris. It was one of the best surprised birthday gift ever. I love his voice when he sings. I do not like when he talks because he sounds like a regular british guy and it breaks the magic. But... when he sings... something happens, his voice changes and moves me, guts and soul. Only few singers have this effect on me. He is one of them. I had to wait from February to May 25th. The waiting time made the experience more exciting. I was keeping the tickets in a safe place and sometime I would look at it and smile. When I sat at the balcony, right in the middle, facing the stage, I forgot all the people around, there were only my friend and I wainting for my 20 years birthday gift. I remember the stairs on the stage and the lights on the stairs. I loved the lights. I don't know who took care of the lights for this concert, but this person did a great job. A sort of fire works matching well with the music. The musicians were great. Sting knows how to choose great musicans to play with. I loved "Shadows in the Rain". So much energy, all the musicans sounded great. I had heard Kenny Kirkland before but I didn't know yet Branford Marsalis, Omar Hakim. My favorite song was "Consider Me Gone". It was a great band. It was a great 20 years birthday concert for me. Thank you to Nadia for this present. Thank you to Sting to have sung for my birthday. I still have this ticket inside a book of Victor Hugo's poetry.
posted by dr007
Dragged by my friends in high school to see some band in Poughkeepsie NY. Wanted to stay home and watch the NY Giants Playoff game on TV. Wish I'd watched more of the band and less of the game on TV, lol.
posted by buckra
Best seat in the house
I worked at a concert venue in the 90's, and had the job of setting up the pit for a Sting show. Somehow one extra chair ended up in the front row, and I felt it was my duty as a good employee to enjoy the Sting Soul Cages tour from that lonely seat. It would have been shameful to waste such a good spot. :)
posted by mongirette
Paris 2007
I won VIP pack and had the chance to see the 3 Policemen playing Next to you for my wife and I alone in the Stade the France 3 hours before the concert beggins... And the dream came true!! We met Joe (Fiction Plane) but were a little fustrated not meeting closely Andy, Stew or Sting. I'll take my chance another time !
posted by takbea
Budapest 2010 Symphonicity Tour
My first Sting concert I had ever got the chance to go to was in Budapest, Hungary 2010. I had booked my ticket four months prior to the concert. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to see Sting to perform with London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Being a great fan of classical music as well it was for me as if a dream had come true. However, quite unexpectedly I had to travel to Istanbul for a week and I wasn't due to return to Hungary till the very day of the concert. Hadn't it been for the 9-hour delay at the airport in Istanbul, I could have had still the chance to arrive to the concert on time. But it wasn't the case. I was angry and sad and disappointed, particularly because this concert was one of the very few things which could cheer me up during my quite hard and challenging visit to Turkey. But I didn't give up. After arriving at the airport I rushed to the venue of the concert, to the Papp László Sportaréna. I was exhausted and extremely late: more than an hour. I had to beg the assistants at the entry gate to let me in. But finally, I was there. Sitting in a row at the back, far away from the stage. But still: never in my life had I been closer to a stage before. Because Sting and Jo Lawry were singing a song I had been adoring since the first time I had heard it in the movie Cold Mountain. A song called 'You Will Be My Ain True Love' written and 'co-performed' by Sting himself. I was mesmerized and this feeling lasted even for days after the concert. Thank you, thank you so much.
posted by anthonymcgrath
Sydney Opera House February 2011
The concert was held outside the Sydney Opera House in February 2011 on the Symphonicity tour. My wife and I were 10 rows back from the stage right in the centre. It was a gorgeous warm and breathless night. I felt as though Sting was performing just for us. It was an amazing night of wonderful music and stories. A night I will never forget!
posted by belle441
Walking On The Moon..
So very hard to choose a favourite concert moment..As they are all unique in their own way... and special as I have made alot of dear friends and sharing the experience with them just makes the concert experience so very much more enjoyable. I think one of my favourite moments was during the police tour in 2007 Toronto, Front Row at the ACC. That is when Sting and I shared a little moment during walking on the moon, he stood and played right in front of me..something I will never forget.
posted by anke65
24.09.2010 in Cologne
Sting has appeared with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra at the Lanxess Arena. I ordered the tickets very early for me and my husband. We had a very good view of the stage and were the actions (especially the conductor Steven Mercurio) survey of the entire orchestra. Super were the dance numbers by Jo Lawry, Dominic Miller, Sting. But the best of the solo vocals by Sting was the end. "I Was Brought To My Senses". His pure, unique voice without hearing instruments. Simply brilliant, as the time was ripe to join the fan club!!
posted by andrzej
NY, October, 1st
I am Sting fan from 1983, from 2000 I am watching his concerts. I managed to see already a lot in entire Europe. All they were wonderful and I remember them exactly, but I think that the most interesting concert is still ahead of me.The one closest which I will be present on will be held in NY, October 1. And I already know that it will be most wonderful. Until the moment of the next departure to another gig. Greetings from Poland
posted by resy
Royal Albert Hall 1994
My best concert ever was London, RAH 1994. My friend had made a beautiful painting of Sting playing his guitar in the subway. After the concert we were able to give Sting the painting and talk with him. He was very happy with the painting. Trudy and Coco (just a babygirl back then) were there as well. It was a lovely meeting and an memory to never be forgotten. After so many years we now wonder if Sting still owns the painting and in which house of him it has found a place! Resy van Leeuwen
posted by nleite
So many. Lisbon 1993, the first time I saw Sting live and left home at 9 A.M. because I couldn’t stand the anticipation; London March 2000, the first time I travelled abroad to see him and got his autograph; the latest Symphonicity tour at the RAH. But some of the greatest privileges of my life have been Il Palagio on 9/11, The Police fan club concert in Vancouver and Saint Luke’s in London. I will never forget those for as long as I live and I still haven’t found a proper way to thank the people who made them possible for me.
posted by iek
Arnhem 2010
Symphonicity was my first concert in a large footbal stadium. I saw Sting from a far distance. Most time I stare to the big screens. The sound was terrific it was an unreal experience.
posted by pd_soulcages
Songs From the Labyrinth
There have been many wonderful Sting memories for me & every concert was memorable. I have been fortunate to have spoken with him several times & even got a couple of hugs. But the most memorable night was when I won a ticket (thanks T, D & W) and also (XM radio) to the beautiful lute concert in the wonderful 400 seat Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center. There was a pre-concert cocktail party at which I met & got photo with the very charming Chris Botti. The concert w/ interview was Amazing! We spoke to Trudie & later, Sting, & got a photo. Then I was astonished to find myself standing next to Sting at the after-party. I was still in the same spot when Trudie brought out a birthday cake and there I was, singing happy birthday to my dream-lover-lol. A few minutes later after he finished a conversation w/ friends, I said "happy birthday" and he kissed me 3x European style! UNFORGETTABLE! I also got to meet the great Sam Moore & wife & took photos of Sting w/ Sam. To top it all off, when I saw Sting & family toward the elevator, I made sure I was on that heading same elevator. He playfully sang to his daughter on the way down. My friend received a g\'nite kiss from him when she thanked him for the wonderful evening. Other great Sting concert moments have been meeting & bonding with fans from all over the world. I love hearing & reading your experience.
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Modena 2004
The first time I saw Sting was in Modena in 2004 for the Sacred Love tour. That was an amazing show! The most memorable moment was when he looked at me in the crowd!
posted by Larissa1906
Mexico City
the September 2004, concerts in Palacio de los Deportes, when Sting performed wlith Annie Lennox, awsome and delightful, what I liked the most... When they sang together!!!!!
posted by morticia0102
An early 47th birthday present ...
I must say, that to pick JUST ONE magical concert moment is difficult when there have been so many (Stage Door, Festival Hall, Melbourne where Sting had difficulty spelling "happy" as he autographed a young boy's 'Blue Turtles' album or giving him roses as he & Eden took their bows after Songs From The Labyrinth, Hamer Hall, Melbourne), but if I have to pick one moment... 2006 was an awful year, I received a very unexpected diagnosis of breast cancer. After surgery, radiotherapy treatment and beginning hormonal treatment, 2007 had to be a better year, right?? And that's when the rumours started, The Police would play a one-off at The Grammys to coincide with their induction to The Hall of Fame. To mark my first cancer-free check up, I had decided on a tattoo ... but what to get ... after all, it would last a lifetime. The rumours had hit plague proportions and the rumblings of a warm up gig at the Whisky A Go Go ahead of a reunion tour ... could it be ... the only live show I missed was Synchronicity, because I was travelling and was always in the wrong city at the wrong time, so I never said my goodbyes to my favourite band (the hairs on my neck stood up the first time I heard 'Roxanne' and the magic has remained with me all these years). So, it was decided and the faces from The Ghost In The Machine now adorn my right shoulder blade and as the announcements kept coming, the reunion tour was extended and FINALLY, the best announcement of all, the tour would visit Australia, I screamed with delight and thanks to my (continuous since 1983) membership of Outlandos/Sting/The Police Tour fan club I secured my seat in what turned out to be the 7th row (the first five rows went to charity auction, but because of the money I'd spent on my treatment for breast cancer couldn't possibly afford any more than the face value of the tickets), so a few days before my 47th birthday, the band that I never thought I would see perform live again, played a truly memorable gig on the hallowed turf that is the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Australia Day 2008 will always hold a special place in my heart.
posted by willy
1987 - Sting en River Argentina
Mi primer gran recital fue en diciembre de 1987 en Argentina en el estadio del club River Plate en Buenos Aires. Recuerdo que fue una hermosa noche que disfruté plenamente luego de varias horas de cola para ingresar al estadio. Fue una verdadera fiesta que no olvidaré en mi vida. El momento más espectacular y emotivo fué cuando subieron las madres de plaza de Mayo en el tema They Dance Alone y también cuando dice que Fragile “está dedicada a todos los chicos que murieron en Malvinas”… en ese momento el estadio explotó de emoción. Doy gracias a la vida por haber participado de ese recital junto a quien por aquellos años era mi gran amor!! Gracias Sting por tan hermosas y sentidas canciones!!!
posted by abeille
July 20, 2010
We went to the Symphonicities concert in Cincinnati for our 19th anniversary. It was storming during the entire concert except for intermission. During Moon Over Bourbon Street though there was a mist throughout the pavillion while there was thunder and lightning outside. I can't think of more a perfect atmosphere for that song. That moment will stay with us for a long time.
posted by pumkin
Pumkin in NYC
With the encouragement of fellow Sting fans and my dear mum I boarded a plane and headed off to NYC. Not an easy thing mind you given my fear of flying but this was a chance to see Sting in an intimate venue. Little did I know that I was in for a show of a lifetime. Sting bought drinks and lunch at the grill where we picked up our tickets and met other fan club members. We made our way to 17 Irving Plaza where we visited with fans and waited patiently for showtime. I enjoyed every moment of that long wait and had to pinch myself at times as I took in the New York skyline. By chance I walked around the corner, 15th St. I believe it was, a few minutes later I looked up to see Sting walking toward me. He was making his way to the side entrance of IP. I could not believe it. He was on foot. I was so shocked I literally froze. I could not move, I thought heres my chance, I got on a plane for heavens sake, get an autograph, get a picture, something but no , I couldn't move. That moment is etched in my memory forever. As the show was about to start my mum and I took a spot on the left side of the stage. We were so close I swear I felt the sweat flying off Dom. A small hot venue indeed but oh so worth it. What can I say about the performances. Outstanding! I will always be greatful to this Fan Club for that May in 2005.
posted by Rainbowcougar
May of 1993, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado. It was my 3rd Sting concert, the 2 previous ones had been in Kansas City. Sting was in his usual perfect form with harmonies, rythums & lyrics. As the performance continues a lightning storm commences off to the East in the plains of Colorado, accentuating the already electric performance. <3
posted by annette17
Entertaining Sting with our dance
Boston March 2004 2 concerts back to back. The Orpheum is very small and intimate and we had the best seats right down the front. First night four of us were dancing (I can't remember which song got us out of our seats) and Sting was so impressed he said somethong like "come on get dancing like these 4 sexy women"!! After the concert whilst hovering around the stage door some concert goers came up to us and asked for a photo of the "4 sexy women" Too funny!! The second night I went to the Orpheum equipped with a very large sign which read "Hi Sting I've come from Melbourne to see you". I held it up at the appropriate moment between songs and he looked, smiled, read it out loud, asked if it really was true, I uttered "yes" and he said "that's great" first conversation with the man! Honorary mention to the Cleveland show earlier this year which occured only 4 days after our 'catch up' in Auckland airport. Standing next to the stage in the last moments I got one of those looks of recognition which even the fans around me noticed (as they were turning green that is!!) Bring on the Beacon :)
posted by summoners
LSO St. Lukes
Well, I've been to many shows, but the most memorable for me is the fanclub show at LSO St. Lukes in London, october 2006. It was very special and intimate. Also great to meet fans from all over the world and the meeting after with some members and Dave and Wendy at a pub in London. I was lucky to sit right in front of Sting at a table with Dolfo and Annie. Very, very special...
posted by anthony
all sting concerts have been memorable,but the latest one in brescia italy might just be the most memorable. I managed to get a 3rd row centre seat which is the closest that i have been to the stage. Lets hope that there will be a more memorable one in the future with me experiancing a more personal moment like so many people posting here have experienced before.
posted by casino97
2001 - Sting at Tivoli garden
My first concert with Sting was in 2001, when he played at Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen. It was my first real concert that wasn't part of a festival. Tivoli was crowded, 65.000 people, I got separated from my sister and her boyfriend so I ended up standing on a chair on a table outside a restaurant trying to see anything at all. Sting was this little yellow clad figure far in the distance, and that was when I vowed to myself "Next time I get the opportunity to see him live, I'll pay the price of the best possible tickets" And that has followed me to the 4 concerts I've managed so far.
posted by stingfan42
18 May, 2001
The first time I saw Sting was at the Allstate Arena. It was also my first real concert. Having purchased Brand New Day a few months prior, and looting the rest of the albums from my dad's Sting collection, I was already aware I had found my musical anchor for life. These would be the songs and stories I would keep coming back to. And I had a favorite already, too: A Thousand Years. The lights went down, the crowd went wild. The band came on stage sans Sting. The opening chords of A Thousand Years began playing, Manu Katche was keeping time and Dominic Miller\'s messy long hair and signature hunched stance was visible from even the not-so-prime seat I occupied in the upper left balcony. Then, from offstage, the familiar and haunting two-note melody of A Thousand Years began playing. the crowd noise became deafening as Sting, with his Vg-8 guitar, strolled casually onto the stage, gave a slight bow, finished the riff and started singing. "A thousand years, a thousand more..." I wish I could say I remembered the rest of the concert. A few snippets of Message in a Bottle, perhaps, if I'm being generous. It was an experience unlike any I've every had before. I have seen Sting since many times, and the performances in my mind have been better than this first one. (The Broken Music concert at the UIC Pavilion and the Symphonicity show at Ravinia last summer rank as my top concerts.) But I shall never forget those moments of anticipation of seeing Sting come onstage for the first, accompanied as they were by the two note melody of my favorite song.
posted by mikeii
Honorary Doctorate
A memory that wil always stick out for me was when I attended Sting's party celebrating is honorary doctorate from Newcastle University back in May 2006. Can't believe it was over five years ago now. Sting performed with some of his old pals from his Last Exit and Newcastle Big Band years and the set was terrific. I distinctly remember him trying to get us all whistling along to the outro melody of 'Dock of the Bay'. Unfortunately I can only whistle backwards and cannot whistle anywhere near high enough! I did briefly meet the man for a couple of photos. I now have copies of these framed and hanging on my walls. Wonderful memories of a great night.
posted by bonaire
Last weekend, at the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival. I live on Bonaire, a small island next to Curacao. I've been a fan since the early eighties. Lived in Europe and the U.S., got to go to so many concerts, but somehow never got the opportunity to see Sting perform. When I finally saw him, from nearly front row in Curacao, it was unbelievable. I never could have imagined I would see him this close to home. To the people of these islands who LOVE Sting and his music, his visit and performance was truly magical. Out of this world. Sting is a genius and my hero. THANK YOU for coming to Curacao and touching our lives with your magic.
posted by gracemar
Kiev 2011
I've been waited for this concert more than 10 years...And when I heard about Symphonicity concert in Kiyev, I told to myself that I must be there!!I was full of emotions' cause first, at last I'll hear Sting live, and it was some kind of magic to hear in the beginning of the concert my favorite "Every little thing she does it magic". Never forget this magical moments that you gave to all your fans in here!!
posted by tapio
I "met" Sting the first time in NYC In Saratoga Springs with my daughter in 2010. The journey I was with in was more inside of me. Of course the travelling to New York City for the first time in my life was magnificant. More to me meant this feeling that I felt when we were in the concert. The whole journey was unbelievable to me. Pirjo
posted by iburn4u
Banks of Tyne
The most emotional memory is traveling to Newcastle to see Sting perform with Kathryn Tickell at the Sage for a handful of songs at the Sage. At the end, he sang Alone With My Thoughts a cappella literally next to the banks of the Tyne. I dissolved. The next day we drove to Wallsend and Tynemouth. It was like traveling to Mecca. Unforgettable.
posted by suepisces
I have 2...
I had been pretty sad for some time, so I splurged and got myself a single ticket to see The Police at Madison Square Garden on Halloween 2007. I ran into an old flame I hadn't seen in 25 years. Between the amazing show and a few minutes with the One That Got Away, I felt so much better! Also... there is NOTHING like seeing Sting perform "Englishman in NY" in NY; Madison Square Garden, Oct 19,2004. Truly a magic moment.
posted by roxannie
Cathedral of St. John the Devine
[tommie: way to go on the proposal story. i just absolutely love it!] As a huge, unwavering fan since 1985, there are so many amazing memories to mention. Although I wasn't initially in love with the songs from If on a Winter's Night, I bought tix for both nights of the Cathedral of St.John the Devine concert two months after my 3 year old dog unexpectedly passed away. It is now one of my most favorite groups of songs and here's why: On the second evening of the St. John the Devine Concert, I somehow managed to get tix for 3rd row, dead center (directly across from Sting's mic)thanks to the website. We walked into the venue very early, although we had originally planned to grab dinner before the concert. Very good decision on our part. Very few people were seated. Soon after we took our seats, I immediately spotted Sting (in full Victorian-syle dress and beard) who walked down the side aisle and then walked over a few rows behind me in the center aisle to speak with someone he knew. I immediately waved at him (not frantically but just a calm wave that basically happened more like a reflex - lol)and he looked directly at me with a puzzled expression, of course. I then kept my head facing forward b/c I didn't want to seem like a crazed lunatic, fully expecting him to (but wishing he wouldn't!) head back via the side aisle instead of passing me as "the crazy fan" down the middle aisle where I was seated. All of a sudden, I felt a magical, gentle presence beside me. I looked up and there he was slowly walking toward my direction just steps away. I calmly stood up, took his hand and managed to sputter out, 'Great show last night. It's such a pleasure to meet you." He sort of bowed in a nod but, sadly after I sat down, I realized I didn't even manage to look at him either because I was shocked at myself for being so forward and/or I was worried I would get teary considering my sentimental state at having had just lost my young dog and meeting my favorite musician whose music has always taken me to a magical place. Soon after, the concert began and I sat mesmerized from the 3rd row, dead center, directly across from his mic. I don't really have the words to describe this but, as all of his fans would expect, the intensity with which he performs (i.e. the overall brilliance and emotion that exudes from him) is purely captivating. I felt I got a small glimpse into his private character and, after experiencing his intensity, I now understand the reason he tours nonstop and we're all really thankful he does! To top it off, after the concert, I had an opportunity to chat with the very personable, Lisa Fischer, one of his amazing backing vocalists, whose voice just soars. Looking forward to hearing Lisa and Jo's voices at the Beacon next month!! The Cathedral of St. John the Devine concert was such a rare and wonderful night for me in an extraordinary venue during a very sad time. Thank you, Sting!!
posted by Gero
Exeter 1979 (?)
I was on a language youth exchange in Exeter/Devon. My friend took me to a club called 'Tiffanys' to a new British band playing called The Police. Me - a then fan of Jazz and Classical Music - was totally flashed by the music and the band. Since then I am a great fan of The Police first and Sting then. My son has inherited this, as have many of my students, to whom I teach song playing at the music university in Weimar/Germany.
posted by klh4runnin
85 Aladdin Theater LV
Worked at Odyssey Records & we got back stage passes, meet & great, photos, & when we were supposed to go to our seats, we kinda hid out back stage & saw the 1st few songs, before someone noticed us & sent us to our seats.....was so fun..........
posted by ishigami
RAH on His 59th Birthday
Surrounded by many colorful balloons, he came to the left side of the stage and shook hands with me as I called his name. The concert has become my most unforgettable memory.
posted by klh4runnin
1979 Santa Cruz Civic Aut.
My 1st Police concert, & I worked in a record store & swore they came in the day of the concert....
posted by RobertandLaura
Oct. 15, 1999 The Joint Las Vegas
My fondest and funniest memory of Sting was October 15, 1999 at The Joint in Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Early in the set he made a good attempt to sing Seven Days, but to no avail. He simply forgot the lyrics. After two more tries he said "Oh fuck it! We will get back to that one later." Later in the the show a roadie walked out with a music stand with lyrics and Sting finally got through the song and to a thunderous ovation. The show was the topper of our trip to Vegas... until the earthquake hit. :) Thank you to Sting for making such amazing music.
posted by terrif
Snuck out 1st concert
I was 13yrs old at my friends house her sister had just got a new album it was a new band called the police....that was it I was hooked I was so upset that everyone said I was too young to go to that type of 15yr old Synchronicity tour came to town my brother snuck my out to see them play at Hollywood Park I was soo excited. At one point Sting invited everyone to come closer to the stage, People rushed the fence that kept them from the field where the stage was I got separated from my brother, I was barely 4ft ten and I ended up close to the stage but all I saw was a sea of shoulders, I was getting shoved back and forth with the crowd when out of nowhere this huge guy lifted me up and put me on his shoulders...I watched the concert from his shoulders and held up my program at one point Sting looked right at me when he addressed the crowd saying I had the best seat in the house ....I never got the name of the guy who helped me out but it was an amazing concert! I've seen everyone of his shows some twice Bring on the night was just too awesome to see only once!) I only missed one, The dream of the blue Turtles and that was because he toured when I was 9months pregnant. I took My Boys to see Sting in Irvine for their first concert and we go as a family now everytime he comes out. Sting your an Amazing Person I hope you know how any lives you've touched in such a positive way!
posted by betty110
2010-Parco della Musica-Roma
In assoluto il più bel concerto che io abbia visto,ne ho visti 3. Symphonicity tour è stato il più emozionante di tutti. L'orchestra,la musica,il teatro,un connubio perfetto.
posted by speedygo
1985 Dream of the Blue Turtles at Radio
Was heartbroken when The Police broke up so this was my first opportunity (and rock concert) along with a group of high school friends to go into the big bad Big Apple to see one of the most sublime and kick-ass concerts of all time.
posted by tommie
The Night Sting Helped Me Propose
August 25th, 1988, Jones Beach, the concert that changed my life: I sent Sting a letter before the show with a special request. At the first encore, Sting emerged and said: "I got a letter from a guy who wants to hear a song...he says that if I sing it, he'll ask the person next to him a very important question...This is called, "I Burn For You." Sting sang it, I asked her, she said 'yes' and we're married for more than 20 years. What a guy. Mindbendingly kind. Keep going, Sting. We'll be here for your next 25 years. Congratulations. Fondly, Tom
posted by dellharry
Whitley Bay
Being in the second row at Whitley Bay ice rink and being too shy to reach over and shake Sting's hand! Fool!
posted by alarosa
Lima - Symphonicity 2011
El pasado mes de febrero de 2011 viví uno de los momentos más esperados de mi vida, asistir a un concierto de Sting . He seguido su carrera artística desde muy joven, cuando en el colegio escuchaba los LP's de The Police, luego he seguido paso a paso su carrera como solista, y su música ha sido el fondo musical de los momentos más inspirados de mi vida. El Estadio Monumental U fue el escenario de este excelente recital, diferente en estilo pero top en calidad , tal como esperé más de 25 años ...
posted by Ildernet
In Granada 2011
I was very lucky. I travel to Granada from Seville to see Symphonicities and I met Sting having lunch. We had a picture together and talk a little bit, also with Rahni Krija. The day after the show, I met the crew again in the hotel. I was specially happy talking with Jo Lawry. Also, we met Dominic Miller and Ira Coleman. It was a great show and two great days!!
posted by pcrag
St Lukes & the Lute
It was memorable to see the lute show at the old church of St Lukes in London. Think it was just before the Police tour. Russell Crowe was there and he sang a song. Dominic's daughter Misty sang too. A wonderful night.
posted by brijohn
The First
I had so wanted to see Sting my whole life, but never could get tickets. Then in the summer of 2006 my wife, my twin sons and I were on a special trip to Europe. We were in Milan Italy at this time. It was our last day in Italy before heading back to see family in Germany, June 23. My wife and I had split form our boys to do some shopping and bumped into an older couple from the back home in the US. It turned out to be Bob and Myra Kraft, the owners of the NFL New England Patriots, very nice people. God bless Myra, she just recently passed away. They were so nice to meet. In the course of our conversation they asked if we were going to the free concert that night at the Piazza del Duomo. We knew nothing of it, and asked who was doing the show. The said Sting, I was absolutely stunned. A summer night in the Piazza del Duomo with my family and Sting. It was a life changing experience. He was simply unbelievable, a dream come true. I have since seen gone to some extremes to see him, each time he has been wonderful, but that first time in Milan will never be beat although seeing him at the Apollo this April was amazing, Milan was with 120,000 people, the Apollo was only with 1,500 and I was only a about 15 feet from him for "Message in a Bottle". But just something very special about June 23, 2006. I do not think anything will ever top that...well maybe sitting and playing music with him at his place in Tuscany.....#1 on my bucket list.
posted by merneit1984
15 July 20011 Granada's bullring
I took a big card with the title of the song "wrapped around your finger", wanted me to sing. I failed, at least, he see it, smiled and winked at me. Was wonderful. The best concert of my life.
posted by
Central Park
Was at the free concert in Central Park in Sept '00! Was hot and humid all day with threatening clouds but Mother Nature let us off the hook! There were storms everywhere but they left Manhattan alone. Remember the full moon rising up over the buildings on the East side just as Sting was playing Englishman in New York and Moon Over Bourbon Street! Will never forget that day as it was also two days after my birthday!! One of the greatest concert experiences of my life!!
posted by sandrad
Arena Pula
brand new day tour. the best concert ever
posted by
my first sting concert
my fondest memory of a sting concert, is back in april 1991 @ newcastle city hall, as part of "the soul cages" tour, it was my first sting concert, it was amazing, no words can describe it, i have seen sting live around 10 times since. can't wait for a brand new album and tour hopefully sometime in 2012!
posted by sandrad
Arena Pula
year 2000. Brand new day tour. This was my first Sting concert. It was 13.05 2000 and my husband birthday. arena was half full and when concert begins I thought someone play cd. sound was so clear and beautiful and we enjoyed every second. dominic miller, chris botti, kipper, jason rebello .. it was great
posted by DennisGo
Summer 1987 at Blossom in NE Ohio
Ziggy Marley opened and then Sting and Branford lit up the stage (Nothing Like the Sun). That is still one my favortie albums!!! I can remember most of it like it was yesterday! I did also thouroughly enjoy the Police (reunion) in Cleveland a few years ago - awesome show!!!
posted by tammiandjim
To Sing with Sting
In the year 1996, the Mercury Falling tour, at the Royal Albert Hall in London - I was picked from the audience (along with 2 unruly guys) to sing "I'm so Happy I Can't Stop Crying." He had started a tradition of having audience volunteers sing with him on that song. All my friends in the Sting fan club pointed at me and got his attention, so I got to go onstage. Something you may not know, due to the spotlights, you can't see anything but the front 5 - 6 rows. So I wasn't even nervous! It was quite a night to remember. Later in the week I brought Sting flowers at the backstage entrance, and thanked him for the memorable experience. He was very gracious and kind. As always, a class act all the way.
posted by redlark
Irving Plaza
I loved the Irving Plaza show in 2005. It was the smallest venue I've seen him play and it was sweltering! I can't wait to see the DVD that is in the new box set!!
posted by stingchronicity
my First
The first concert I EVER went to was to see Sting. I was so excited, I was sure I'd meet him...get an autograph etc..coming from a small towns my whole life..I had NO idea how concerts were. :) Annie Lennox opened, and she ROCKED...I remember thinking...if I look like that when i'm her age I will be so happy. When Sting came out...I literally got goosebumps! There stands the artist I have listened to and "grown up with" since I was a 12 year old girl! He was warm, and even funny during the concert..all that I'd hoped! It was a Brilliant Show!! My eyes literally filled up with tears a few times. (I'm such a baby :) It was the most fun I'd ever had, and my husband surprised me with the tickets, so that made it even more special. During the concert it hit me, just HOW MANY people love Stings music as much as I do. I laugh now, because, what was I thinking all these years? Of course he has a huge fan base !! His music touches SO many! Well, we didn't meet Sting...but still it was wonderful, being with such a lovely group of people...singing my favorite songs, right along with my very favorite artist..standing beside my very favorite friend ...and siping a red wine to boot! ;) All around...loved loved loved the newness, and excitement, and it opened my eyes a bit.. just Fantastic!!! And I will say this...It wasn't my last concert!! I'm hooked :) So, Cheers to YOU Sting, for 25 beautiful, inspiring years of a solo career...:) Never doubted you for a minute.
posted by TarAncalime
Songs from the labyrinth
I got a free ticket to see Sting with Edin Karamosov at the Club Maria in Berlin on 23 October 2006. Watching Sting sing Dowland and play the lute 2 meters away from me is unparalleled and still fascinates me up to this day...also I know what underwear he wears since then! LOL We met Sting at the soundcheck at the club in the afternoon too...I shook his hand (yours truly)!
posted by stung76
1985 Dream of the Blue Turtles/St. Louis
A friend worked for KSHE radio who sponsored Sting's first solo concert in St. Louis. I assisted with the pre-show bar-b-que meal for the band & a few lucky fans. I also escorted the masseuse that arrived for his pre-show session (not without, for just a moment, thinking of taking away her portabler massage table & taking an extreme chance posing as her!). We sat backstage for most of the fabulous concert. Afterwards, Sting stopped for a few moments to sign a concert poster for me & I have a lovely picture of the two of us to treasure forever. I won front row seats Soul Cages & paid for VIP seating at two concerts for magical evenings enjoying this man's talent for all these 25 years! Happy Birthday Sting!
posted by steve1965499
Durham Cathedral
The whole day was a wonderful experience. Gary Hardy and myself managed to see the rehearsal during the day and briefly meet Sting and Lisa Fischer. As Peter says earlier it was quite bizarre listening to the band while visitors viewed the cathedral completely unaware that one of our greatest artists ever was just feet away. As the lady kept saying 'mind the gap please'...unbelieveable. The concert was totally unique and we finished off the evening drinking and er.. dancing with Carter and Roger... so I believe! Magic times.
posted by jsgrif
BND Today Show Concert
Although I'd seen Sting in concert many times, this was a special concert. My sisters and I decided to start the tradition of gathering to see Sting in NYC. We all got up really early and took the first train into the city. Because my niece was still an infant and in a stroller, we weren't among the first to arrive at the Plaza. Luckily we noticed that Sting would be playing in the rink area and we managed to get there quickly (carrying the baby and the stroller down the steps). I managed to get about six feet away from the stage. My sisters and niece were a few feet behind me. The concert was great and Sting said hello to my sisters and me during the early morning rehearsal. We had such a great time that we all have managed to make it to several Sting appearances on Today!
posted by rutone
from 2001 to 2011 - ten years and lots
There are so many... From the first, maybe a little boy pulling and pushing everybody's hands away from him to make more place... And to be exact, the very first memory comes from long before the show.. It was buying tickets to the show. Even now I am surprised I could be so cheeky because didn't want to wait in such a long queue... And I was lucky to get ticket and not being pushed away from that queue. And, of course, thanks to this concert in 2001, I was also very lucky to find out Chris Botti. Next, sure, Sting singing with his son, in 2006. Another one. Oh, it could be a long funny and silly story not about Sting but about my acquaintance trying to get into Symphonicity concert in 2010. Of course he couldn't get a ticket, they were all sold out. Poor guy, he made such a big trip and finally realized he wouldn't get in... And the weather was really terrible... It was raining cats and dogs that day... i still remember that guy trying to make me believe there were a lot of spare tickets and maybe he believed it himself. And when he messaged me that there were a lot of "spare-tickets-sellesr" who looked for tickets for themselves... I already was sitting in my place so I couldn't laugh out loud as I would like to do (people could think I was crazy) :D... And, finally, this year, Sting trying to speak Lithuanian. TBH, it was not exactly what we expected to hear, but thanks for efforts :)
posted by daveandwendy
Sep 11, 2001
Tuscany on September 11, 2001. Memorable for a mix of great and awful reasons. We were so happy to share the whole experience with a great bunch of fan club people. We all share something very special in common with each other since that day and it's hard to believe that tomorrow it will be ten years. Very best wishes to all of you that were there. Doesn't time fly?
posted by zeeeter
Airport bench "hotel"
Meeting the Sting Royal Circle, getting upgraded to VIP tix at the Chicago Grant Park Amex gig (Thanks SD xx) and then spending the night sleeping on a bench at the airport waiting for my 4am flight home (and someone stealing my signature blue sunglasses, off my head, while I slept!!)
posted by peanuts
All of them...........
...l have always said that we are so blessed to be on this planet at the same time as Sting, that we can witness and experience first hand everything the man does with his music, solo or The Police, or his humanatarian work... future generations will read about him, watch dvd's of concerts etc, listen to cd's... but we have it first hand so that's the reason each and every time l get to see Sting is always always, something so special......
posted by ghost222
Nothing Like Sting
One of the best shows I saw of Sting would have to be my first, at 16 years old. It was February 15, 1988, at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. I was so happy to finally see Sting in concert. I remember him having so much energy that night, running all over the stage (something you don't really see him doing anymore). A very close second, would be seeing him in 2004 at Massey Hall, in Toronto - very intimate show!!
posted by markie
Paradiso first show 1996!
When Sting asked me and a good friend of mine on stage at the first try out of the Mercury Fallin tour! That day we first were at the small cafe Bourbon Street where Sting performed a couple of songs only for the Dutch Sting Association members (fanclub) and Outlandos members which was just marvelous. Than we rushed over to Paradiso to be the first inline. That evening Sting asked me and a friend onstage (we were the first fans ever onstage with him) during the encores because we had some inflatable saxophones in front of him and he asked us to help Butch and Clark! So we were there for three songs next to him. During the same tour i had the chance to be backstage at the Statenhal and get an autograph of Sting. Also Stewart Copeland was on stage with Sting that evening and off course also backstage. And all the other good memories being at concerts of Sting!!
posted by plaster3000
5 rows away
Too many. Sting himself, the musicianship and technicality, the anticipation of what songs will be played. One personal memory that always stays with me: I followed Sting to Moline on the Brand New Day tour, my 3rd time seeing him for this tour. I was 5 rows away. At one point he made a funny gesture and I copied him. I think he saw me and I was embarrassed like a student is to a teacher... Ryan Steinbeck
posted by christom
The Police at The Roundhouse, London, in 1977 or 1978, thinking "Wow! this is great!"
posted by janstar11
Fave memory
There are so many memories, how can I choose only one? The very first time I saw Sting in 1991 my world stopped, it was magical. Every show has been so special. My most unforgettable memories are related to dancing onstage a whole bunch of times during the BND tour. Some dancing memories are favorites, some are not, but each one holds a special place because they make up part of who I am. I would have to say though that my best memory is of an entire day. The most unique Sting-related part to that day was sitting backstage next to the sound guy in Detroit. It was fascinating, watching him work, and I loved seeing the show from a new perspective. It made me appreciate how many details go into a production of any kind. Ever since I was a little kid I have been fascinated with what goes on backstage and that interest led me to get my degree in Theatre... but I digress. Anyway, that particular day was just the best. I was in my home state of Michigan; I spent the day fishing with my Dad; my Mom and sister Marisa were with me at the show; Sting asked me to dance, and when I got onto the stage he told me to say something to the crowd so I said "Hi Mom" into the microphone. Sting told me I was a good daughter (or something like that) and then we rocked Desert Rose; my sister wormed her way to the front row; I got to stay backstage after I danced- all in all it was pretty much one of those days that was perfect from start to finish and I'll never forget it.
posted by kkalal
Sting at Ravinia near Chicago, IL......concert was intimate and awesome!!! I was sitting in the 2nd row and it was utterly amazing.......the orchestra was fabulous and the outdoor venue made for a perfect night! He sang all the gags and had the crowd engaged?
posted by JuliaCh
Durham Cathedral
Such a Big Band , such good melodies, such a glorious place, such an intimate Moment. Unique and perfect!
posted by peter
Durham Cathedral
It's always nice to see Sting perform but when you can do that at such a great location in Sting's home region it adds a special twist to it. Also watching the rehearsal is always a treat. You could just walk in to the cathedral. Some of the people visiting the cathedral didn't even know who he was! :-) I also had the privilage of watching him perform on a belgian TV show a few years back. Thanks to Dennis Rodman he jumped on stage with the local band and they did 'Message'. Was nice to see him perform out of the blue.
posted by chattykathy
Sacred Love concert in St. Louis on July
I had the best seats possible, front row and slightly to the right of center stage. It was an amazing concert from that vantage point, and Sting looked me right in the eye while we sang a portion of 'Desert Rose' together... . ''I dream of rain, I dream of gardens in the desert sand.'' It just doesn't get any better than that!
posted by soulcages
The concert at Durham cathedral was my favorite memory - it was a great concert, but I also hadn't heard any of the music from the album yet, so I discovered it all in that great setting.
posted by gargamella
turin 1991
my first sting show, thunderstorm over the dell alpi stadium, but I was so happy, and 15 years old!! francesco
posted by ulesting
...on such a night
Under the Stars, Florence, Tuscany, Italy, September 11TH, 2011! What a Day! What a Night!
posted by surpata
Jan 20, 1988
[url=]Tampa, Florida[/url]- the opening night of the North American leg of the ...Nothing Like The Sun tour. It was 3 hours of incredible music and dance! ~s
posted by lnjp
Fourviere's show in 2006
In 2006, Sting made a show in Fourviere's roman amphitheatre, and when the show started, an amazing storm began. We were soaked, but Sting was excellent, as ever.
posted by caroguzzi
Is it realy Sting ?
The first time I went to a concert it was in Den Haag in the Netherlands. I was in the front row and could not believe that in a few minutes I would see Sting with my own two eyes. When he came up, I thought it was a joke it could not be Sting I was almost sure it was his brother...but it was realy Sting :o) It was a magic moment to be there, that evening I wanted my time just to stop there, always to stay in that concert
posted by gat123
Worcester Centrum 9/85
Good show. Band was incredible, nobody knew what to expect Prior show was Foxboro w/ Police. 2 totally different but great experiences.
posted by bgyi
One of the best moments of the first concert in Budapest with the Symphonycities tour was the first, after Sting finished he first song, he greeted us with "Jó estét, köszönöm" (Good evening and thank you in Hungarian). I loved all the songs as well, but that moment showed me really, that he cares for the audience. Thank you for this moment, happy birthday and anniversary!
posted by vanella
Ischia concert
I remember being with a friend in Ischia, an island near Naples, where Sting was to be awarded for his cinema career. During the cerimony he jumped on the small stage and started to sing "Murder by numbers", so unrehearsed, that he couldn't remeber the words!!! Than he added three other super hits, like Every breath and Message and he did remeber the words!!! Unforgettable summ/ner night!!!!
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