View the trailer for the Chicago run of 'The Last Ship'...

February 20, 2014



Feb 19, 2014

Sting: The Last Ship will air on Thirteen's "Great Performances," Friday, February 21 at 9PM/ET on PBS in the US (check local listings) and features the 16-time Grammy Award-winning musician performing songs from his new album, The Last Ship, and forthcoming play of the same name in an intimate evening of music and storytelling live at The Public Theater in New York City. The program offers unique insight into the creative process behind Sting’s latest album and his new musical, premiering June 2014 in Chicago before its debut on Broadway in the fall. Drawing upon his childhood memories growing up in the shipbuilding community of Wallsend in the North East of England, Sting provides a glimpse into the narrative of the play through the songs on the new album, inspired by the story of "The Last Ship."

Feb 17, 2014
As the lights dropped in the SAP Center, a sudden and powerful applause erupted in the near-maximum capacity building in anticipation of witnessing two rock music legends: Paul Simon and Sting. "Paul and I share a lot of musical curiosity about a spectrum of music that's pretty wide, and as vehicles for songwriting. So we have lot in common," Sting said in an interview earlier this month with Billboard magazine in regard to touring with his New York neighbor, Paul Simon...