Check out the premiere of "Sting: The Last Ship" on Great Performances tonight...

February 21, 2014

Check out the premiere of "Sting: The Last Ship" on Great Performances tonight at 9PM/EST on PBS. Jim Farber with the New York Daily News calls the 90 minute concert "smart and moving" in his review of the program

posted by arpeggio
I feel so grateful that I was there at this very special performance on October 2nd...As I watched it again today on PBS, it was just so overwhelming--it brought it all back--I was stomping my stiletto so hard, (during What Have We Got) I almost drove it clean through my foot! I agree with Red28--Practical Arrangement should stay. When it brings a person physical pain in their chest just listening to it...well, what else do you want?
posted by chelseabeach
Having been a fan of Sting's since The Police, it's wonderful to see how he has evolved as a musician. He is constantly changing & growing. I loved his music from "The Last Ship". The lyrics were poignant, touching and at times, humourous. Thank you Sting!
posted by red28
I loved the show. It made the album "The Last Ship" makes so much sense. I love the album and wondered about the different story lines. I think they should leave " Practical Arrangement" alone it's a great storyline,and song. Sting is never a bore. I would love to see the play. I hope it's sold on DVD. Maybe others can sing it over and over like Carousel..
posted by Vista10645
The Last Ship
As an English woman alien in San Antonio I loved this show. Made me very homesick but like the folk song style of it all. Good luck
posted by mariepetrillo
Marie Petrillo
I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation on many levels. I love the music Sting composed for "The Last Ship", and I loved watching him present it in such a warm, relaxed and intimate setting. I recently joined the Sting membership and missed out on being at the concert. But I sincerely hope not to miss any more performances.
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Feb 20, 2014
The improbable pairing of two baby-boomer icons - Paul Simon and Sting - enthralled a capacity crowd at KeyArena Wednesday in what Simon affectionately called "our little experiment." Blending their respective bands and repertoires into a powerful evening of rock 'n' roll infused with world rhythms, Simon and Sting took turns performing separate sets as well as stirring duets of each other's most beloved songs. The two friends, neighbors and fellow New Yorkers - who launched their "On Stage Together" tour earlier this month in Texas - expressed a deep admiration for each other that began years ago, when Simon was performing with Art Garfunkel in the folk duo Simon and Garfunkel and Sting with The Police. Separated in age by 10 years - Simon is 72, Sting 62 - the two rock stars proved they have much in common...